About the Center


ZUOur vision is to be the premier center for the development of student entrepreneurs within the UAE and the recognized gold standard for university incubation and innovation within the region.


Our Mission is to engage and inspire students at Zayed University to reach their full potential through Innovation and Entrepreneurship training. We seek to make the I&E Center an agent of transformation through an entrepreneurial spirit, supporting innovative student ideas and translating them into action by connecting youth with community expertise to grow their businesses from idea to profitability. We do this by making our students a priority and committing to the values of ethics, responsible leadership, collaboration, creativity, positive inspiration and engagement within a friendly atmosphere. We follow these values under the guidance of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may his soul rest in peace, who founded our university to promote future generations of Emiratis with the expectation of excellence and civic responsibility. As he stated, “A country’s greatest investment lies in building generations of educated and knowledgeable youth.”


  1. Graduate Student Entrepreneurs

  2. Foster a flourishing entrepreneurial ecosystem within the university

  3. Integrate university entrepreneurship and innovation functions

  4. Integrate entrepreneurship and innovation into curricular and extracurricular activities

  5. Foster engagement with community stakeholders

  6. Engage students in leadership and buy-in of the center

  7. Provide professional mentorship and development