Spring 2022 Admitted Students


Congratulations on your acceptance to Zayed University.

We are excited to welcome you to the campus in Spring. Zayed University is committed to quality graduate education that transforms accomplished mid-career professionals into confident and successful leaders. You will join a highly talented group of students who signed up for world-class education at Zayed University to successfully grasp the leadership role they deserve.


Now that you have decided to attend Zayed University, complete these steps to get you started toward your degree

1. Accept Your Offer of Admission

Your offer of admission is confirmed upon your payment of the required registration fee of AED 1,000 no later than 23 December 2021.

This payment will secure your place in the class and enable your ability to register for your courses. The payment will be offset against your tuition fees after registration. The registration fee is not refundable, and it does not carry from one semester/term to another. Zayed University reserves the right to revoke your admission offer if you fail to pay the registration fee as required.

Sponsored graduate students are exempted from paying the registration fee upon submitting the official sponsorship letter to the Graduate Programs Admissions Office.

If you have a question about the entry date listed on your application, please contact the Graduate Programs Admissions Office at +971-2-599-3562 /dgs.admissions@zu.ac.ae before submitting the deposit.

It does need to be noted though that Zayed University reserves the right to cancel or delay any graduate program cohort.

For more information on the payment of your deposit and methods of payment, please visit the web page on tuition and fees. Alternatively, for queries related to financial matters, please contact Amina El Gharroubi (+971-4-402-1214 /Amina.Elgharroubi@zu.ac.ae) or Afra AlRemeithi (+971-4-402-1819 / Afra.AlRemeithi@zu.ac.ae).

Scholarship Offers

Scholarship offers will be emailed to eligible students after an admission decision is made. All graduate students who have received regular admission to a graduate program may be eligible for financial assistance based on academic merit and/or being a member of the Zayed University alumni. If you qualify for any scholarship, a separate letter will be sent to you.

2. Submit Final Official Documentation

If, at the time of applying, your degree had not yet been awarded or you have not received your language proficiency test results, you will need to have your official documents submitted by email to the Graduate Programs Admissions Office before the start of your first course.

Failure to provide the required supplemental documents may prevent registration and scholarships may not be distributed. Furthermore, Zayed University reserves the right to cancel your registration in a graduate program and/or revoke the admission offer if any of the documents submitted is determined to be fraudulent or invalid at any stage after admission.

3. Set-Up Your Student Email Account

Official notifications from the University, College and Deanship of Graduate Studies are sent by email to your official University campus email account. All graduate students are assigned an email account without charge after enrollment in a graduate program. You are responsible for checking and reading your University emails and for responding to or act upon email messages accordingly.

Your Zayed University email account will be activated within two working days from the date of your Admission Offer. Your login credentials are as follow:

* Username:

* Password: Zayed@21

Please reset the default password after your first login:

* On-campus through the ZU portal: https://selfservice.zu.ac.ae or

* Off-campus through ZU Extranet: https://mail.zu.ac.ae/owa

4. Prepare for Course Self Registration

You must officially register for required graduate program courses according to the program’s curriculum plan before the start of each semester to earn academic credit. You should register for courses by completing and submitting an e-Request for Course Self Registration form.

Guidelines for Course Self Registration

Guidelines for course self registration are available here.

Academic Advice and Course Listings

Graduate Program Coordinators are College faculty members who serve as the primary point of contact for graduate students at the program level. They can provide you with advice on course selection and assist you with planning your program to meet degree requirements. Graduate Program Coordinators can be found by visiting the graduate program page here and scrolling down to the contacts listed for your degree program.

Alternatively, you may view the graduate program study plans, course schedules and the Zayed University Catalog for degree program curricula as well as course descriptions.


Wafa AlWahedi

Graduate Registrar

Tel: +971-2-599-3111

Email: registrarcgs@zu.ac.ae

5. Pay Your Graduate Tuition and Fees

Zayed University assesses a tuition fee on a Credit Hour (CH) basis for each graduate program offered. The number of CH used to charge tuition per course is equivalent to the number of CH of the course unless it is indicated otherwise.

The tuition fee includes the introductory workshops, tuition, textbooks, course notes, access to library facilities and computing services, support of the Zayed University Computing Services staff and graduation. All fees are including VAT in line with the requirements of the Federal Decree Law No. 08 of 2017 and its Executive Regulations.

More information on tuition and fees and other charges are available here and you may view the graduate program payment plans by clicking here

Settling Accounts

Graduate students may view their fee balances and pay outstanding tuition and fees by logging into their Blackboard accounts at http://learn.zu.ac.ae.

All payments must be accompanied by a copy of the relevant letter of admission and invoice. The University reserves the right to refuse or reject any financial transaction where the payment origin cannot be identified or confirmed. The University does not accept payments for an amount less than the applicable fee. An official receipt will be issued by the University and given to the payee as and when the payment has been made. The onus is upon graduate students to keep and produce evidence, when required, of all payments made since the start of their graduate degree program.

Graduate students claiming external sponsorship for the payment of tuition must provide a written confirmation from their sponsor before registering for courses every semester.

Accepted methods of payment are:

  • Cash, E-Dirham, debit or credit card paid in person to the Zayed University Cashier's Offices located on the Abu Dhabi and Dubai campuses.

  • Cheque or banker's draft with the exact amount of money due paid in person to the Zayed University Cashier's Offices or through post.

  • Online payments can be made via the secure online payment system by logging onto BlackBoard at http://learn.zu.ac.ae and clicking on View and Pay Tuition Fees.

  • Bank to bank transfer is accepted. A graduate student ID number is required for bank transfer payment. The following bank details should be used:

    First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB)

    First Abu Dhabi Bank, Head Office

    PO Box 6316, Abu Dhabi

    Zayed University

    Account Number: 4021003597649018

    IBAN: AE620354021003597649018

    Swift Code: NBADAEAAXXX

    All students are required to send a copy of the bank transfer confirmation by email to ar@zu.ac.ae, once made.


Amina ElGharroubi

Tel: +971-4-402-1214

Email: Amina.Elgharroubi@zu.ac.ae

Afra AlRemeithi

Tel: +971-4-402-1819

Email: Afra.AlRemeithi@zu.ac.ae

6. Logistical Arrangements

Graduate Student Identification Card

Upon admission to a program and payment of the required tuition fees, an official Graduate Student Identification (ID) Card is issued to all graduate students by the Graduate Programs Admissions Office. A graduate student identification card is required to borrow library books and students may be requested to present this card to gain access to university premises or before the commencement of examinations.

Computer Set Up

Graduate students seeking resolution to problems with software, network connectivity, and hardware should contact the Service Desk by email at IT.ServiceDesk@zu.ac.ae

The Service Desk troubleshoots hardware and software problems with laptops, desktops, and peripherals such as printers and other IT equipment. The Service Desk also supports audiovisual equipment and inspects, tests, and diagnoses problems with IT equipment in classrooms and other campus buildings.


Abu Dhabi

Tel: +971-2-599-3666


Tel: +971-4-402-1777



COVID-19 Health and Safety Measures on Campus

Campus Access

You are required to present a negative the PCR test every (7) days, except if you have received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine (vaccination card or a copy of the card will be required at entrances to the campus).

Please visit the following websites for other important information on COVID-19 related matters:

Information to Students

Health and Safety Measures on Campus

Support Services and Access to Campus

FAQs, Contact Us and SAHIM

Campus Parking

Student vehicle registration is administered by the Campus Physical Development Office once you have completed and submitted your e-Request to Register Your Car in Zayed University’s gate system. The Office will also provide you with a parking permit identification to place on your vehicle which will permit your entry to the authorized car parking area. Other parking spaces are open to all university employees, except for those spaces that are designated for the disabled or for visitors.


Campus Physical Development Office: Abu Dhabi

Tel: +971-2-599-3576

Email: facilitiesAUH@zu.ac.ae

Campus Physical Development Office: Dubai

Tel: +971-4-402-1897

Email: facilitiesDXB@zu.ac.ae

7. Attend the New Graduate Student Orientation Seminar

At the beginning of the program, you are required to attend an orientation seminar on 28 September 2021. The event is organized by the Deanship of Graduate Studies to introduce students to the University and its resources, the graduate programs and communication classroom software such as BlackBoard Learn and Collaborate, MS Outlook, Extranet, and Bannerweb.

Some colleges may offer orientation seminars for new graduate students. Dates, times and locations will vary by program and students will receive a communication from the college. If offered, it is strongly recommended for all new graduate students to attend this event.

Click here for more information on the event.

8. Deferment of Admission

You may request deferred admission once to the program’s next admission cycle by completing and submitting an e-Request to Defer Graduate Program Admission and paying the non-refundable "Deferred Admission" fee of AED 5,000 before 20 January 2022.

The fee amount will be credited towards tuition charges in your account upon your first enrolment in the program.

9. Stay Connected

We would like to encourage you to visit the Deanship of Graduate Studies Intranet Portal on a regular basis. The Deanship of Graduate Studies Intranet Portal was recently revamped with the aim to improve communication and promote collaboration between graduate program stakeholders. The Intranet Portal provides you with instant access to centralized learning resources, i.e. the graduate student handbook and guidelines, important announcements and information about events. The Intranet Portal also provides information about the facilities, resources and services available to support you in your graduate studies.


Kalthoum AlMarzourqi

Graduate Programs Senior Admissions Officer

Tel: +971-2-599-3562

Email: Kalthoum.AlMarzourqi@zu.ac.ae