Teresa Arora

Assistant Professor, Chair, Department of Psychology
AUH Campus

  • Sleep; interoception; metabolism; obesity; mental health
  • Zayed University, Chair of Psychology Department, July 2022 - present
  • Zayed University, Assistant Professor (Psychology), Jan 2017 - present
  • Weill Cornell Medicine, Postdoctoral Associate (Medicine), Sept 2013 - Feb 2017
  • University of Birmingham, Post-doctoral Fellow, Oct 2011 - Sept 2013
  • University of Birmingham, PhD Scholarship Student, Feb 2008 - Oct 2011
  • As part of my post-graduate and post-doctoral trainings, I have worked with a range of patient populations from weight management through to randomized controlled trials with sleep-disordered populations. As part of my research interests, I also conducted a research study in short/poor sleepers who were also overweight and obese patients. I delivered a sleep improvement program based on cognitive behavioural therapy alongside other lifestyle modifications to improve weight loss, quality of life and mental health outcomes.
  • Associate Fellow, British Psychological Society (AFBPsS)
  • Sleep Research Society (221412)
  • British Psychological Society (176277) – Chartered Status
  • Committee member for Trainee Education advisory Committee (TEAC) for the Sleep Research Society (2019-2022).
  • Communications and Memberships Committee Member - Sleep Research Society (2014-2016).
  • Sub-committee member of the Trainee Education Advisory Committee (TEAC) for the Trainee Symposia Series at Sleep 2013 Annual International Meeting (Baltimore, USA).
  • Member of the newsletter editorial team for the Society of Social Medicine (SSM) (January 2013-December 2013).
  • Postgraduate Seminar Series Co-ordinator/Organiser for College of Medical and Dental Sciences (January 2013-September 2013).
  • Communications Sub-Committee Member for Society of Social Medicine (January 2013-December 2013).
  • Denison, H. J., Jameson, K. A., Sayer, A. A., Patel, H. P., Edwards, M. H., Arora, T., Dennison, E. M., Cooper, C., & Baird, J. (2021). Poor sleep quality and physical performance in older adults. Sleep Health: Journal of the National Sleep Foundation, 7 (2), 205-211. Doi: 10.1016/j.sleh.2020.10.002.
  • Provost Research Fellowship 2019; Zayed University
  • Travel merit award based on scientific merit 2015; Sleep Research Society
  • Travel Fellowship to attend 2014 Sleep Training Workshop, UCLA; WebSciences International
  • Travel merit award based on scientific merit 2013; Sleep Research Society
  • Student Researcher of the Year 2010, Association for the Study of Obesity
  • Travel merit award based on scientific merit 2010; Sleep Research Society
  • Travel merit award based on scientific merit 2009; Sleep Research Society
  • Travel and attendance award at the British Endocrinology Society Annual Meeting, 2009; British Endocrinology Society
  • Travel, accommodation and attendance award at the British Physiological Society Meeting, 2008; British Physiological Society