Walaaeldeen Ibrahim

Associate Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator
AUH Campus

  • Doctor in Law, Faculty of Law, Ain shams university, Cairo, 2006 (equivalent to the UAE certificates).

  • Associated – Ship in Insurance Law, Chartered Insurance Institute, London, UK, 2013.

  • Certificate in Advanced arbitration and mediation procedure under the WIPO rules, WIPO academy, world intellectual property organization, August 2012.

  • Master’s in law, Faculty of Law - Ain shams university, Cairo, 2000 (equivalent to the UAE certificates).

  • Graduate Diploma in international commercial Law, Faculty of Law, Ain shams university, Cairo, 1999 (equivalent to the UAE certificates).

  • Graduate Diploma in Private Law, Faculty of Law, Ain shams university, Cairo, 1999 (equivalent to the UAE certificates).

  • Bachelor of Law Faculty of Law, Ain shams university, Cairo, 1996 (equivalent to the UAE certificates).

  • Basic ATC course, National civil aviation training institute, Cairo, Egypt, 1994.

  • Air Law Course National civil aviation training institute, Cairo, Egypt, 1995..

  • International Commercial Law, International Investment Law, Company Law, Intellectual property rights, Bankruptcy

  • Associate Professor 2021 till now.

  • Assistant Professor 2006-2021.

  • Senior Instructor 1998-2006.

  • Instructor 1997-1998.

  • Tutor 1996-1997.

  • September 2012 till date: Ass. Prof. in int. commercial law and the ZU Coordinator for the Master of Arts in judiciary studies program.

  • February 2011 to September 2012: Legal Counselor of the Federal Insurance Authority, UAE.

  • April 2008 – March 2011: Assistant professor of Commercial Law Zayed University, Academy of judicial studies, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

  • February 2011 to date: Ass. Professor of Private Law (part time), Al Ain university for Science & Technology.

  • March 2011 to date: Lecturer at the Federal Institute for Judicial Studies.

  • April 2006 to September 2008: Ass. Professor in Private Law, The National Centre for social and criminological researches.

  • March 2004 till April 2006 : - Legal member in the technical operation bureau Cairo Airport Company (C.A.C) March 2000 till Feb 2004: Legal member in the technical bureau, Head of the operational and Air transport, Ministry of civil Aviation, Egypt.

  • January 2002 till March 2004: Legal member in the technical bureau, Employer: The Egyptian Holding Company for Aerodromes and Air navigation (EHCAA

  • June 1994 till March 2000: Air Traffic Controller, Cairo Airport Company, Egypt.

  • October 2000 till June2008: Lecturer of Air Law, international Commercial Law (part time), National civil aviation training institute, Cairo, Egypt.

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  • Law 601: Legal Sociology.

  • Law 604: In depth studies in Commercial Law.

  • Law 606: English for Legal Terminologies.

  • Law 621: Legal Research Methodology.

  • Law 624: Alternative Dispute Resolution.

  • Law 650: Thesis in MLJS.

  • Law 663: UAE Political and Administrative Structure.