Emam Attalla

Professor of Criminal Law
AUH Campus

  • Ph.D. in criminal law on the subject (terrorism and the legal architecture of the crime - a comparative study) very good grade with an exchange with other universities, May, 2000 , Cairo university – Faculty of Law.

  • Diploma of Criminal Sciences, and the Public law, the equivalent of a master's degree in law - May 1993, , Cairo university – Faculty of Law.

  • Bachelor of Laws - University of Cairo in 1990, the grade of A (Excellent), , Cairo university – Faculty of Law.

  • Penal Law, Criminal Procedures Law, Criminal Comparative Law, Money Laundering & Terrorism Finance, International Criminal Law.

  • Legal studies Department Chair – CHSS – ZU (2018 -2020)

  • Professor of Criminal Law – Zayed University – Institute For Islamic World Studies - Abu Dhabi Judiciary Academy –from 22/01/2011 until now

  • Professor of criminal Law , National Center for Social and Criminological Research from 21/11/2011 until now

  • Associate Professor of international criminal Law (Associate Professor), National Center for Social and Criminological Research from 19/03/2006 until now

  • Assistant professor of the Criminal Law at the Center 20/12/2000 to 18/3/2006

  • Researcher at the National Center for Social and Criminological Research from 21/07/1999 to 19/12/2000

  • Researcher Assistant at the National Center for Social and Criminological Research from 1/4/1998 to 20/7/1999

  • Legal Researcher of People's Assembly of Egypt in the period from 1/4/1993 until 1/4/1998

  • Manager - Credit Appraisal Credit Division, Head Office, Askari Bank Limited, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

  • Terrorism Finance Crime in UAE legislation Compared with Egyptian Legislation, legal & Economic Studies Review, Faculty Of Law, Sadat University, Vol (8), June 2022 (Accepted) in March13, 2021.

  • Criminal policy Against Terrorism Finance in Arab Legislations – Analytical & comparative Study, The National criminal Review, NCSCR, Vol 64, No2, ISSN 0028- 0054.

  • Legal policy against Money Laundering in Arab Gulf Legislations, international South Valley University Review For Legal Studies, Faculty Of Law, South Valley University, No 5, 2020. ISSN: 2535 – 1621.

  • Crimes of assault on the information network in Arab legislations (An analytical study compared to the UAE legislation), international journal of Research and Studies publishing, Vol 2, No 18, April 2021.

  • Judicial international cooperation to counter organized crime: a comparative study between the International Convention against Transnational Organized Crime and the UAE law ,Volume 3 ,Number 9 , January , 2015.

  • Judicial control in the legal translation law - a study in the law regulating the profession of translation of the UAE, Abu Dhabi Judicial Academy Review, Judicial Department, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, the third issue, January 2015.

Published Books

  • IT Crimes in Legislations & Arabic conventions, Arabic Naïf University, 2017.

  • Criminal protection of information technology means in Arab legislations. (Emirates Model ), center for studies and Surveys ,general command of Abu Dhabi police , Ministry of interior , Abu Dhabi , UAE , 2016 . ( 196 Pages ).

  • Science of law in Arab countries: a study in subjects and Methodologies , Center for Arab Unity Studies, Beirut, Lebanon, in May 2014.

  • The Criminal confrontation to the human trafficking in the UAE legislation, comparative study, the Judicial Department, Abu Dhabi, 2013.

  • “Interpreting the provisions of the experience law in the UAE’s legislation in the light of the provisions of the federal judiciary” the Judicial Department, Abu Dhabi ,2013.

  • Formal framework for the process of political socialization, in: Encyclopedia of Islamic political socialization (rooting and contemporary practices), the International Institute for Islamic Thought, Volume II, Dar es Salaam for printing and distribution, publishing and translation, Cairo, 2012, pp. 815 to 899 .

  • Award of brightest students in public international law and international organizations – the Faculty of Law, University of Cairo.

  • Award of brightest students in the rule of private international law – Faculty of Law, Cairo University.

  • Award of brightest student in the civil law – Faculty of Law, University of Cairo.

  • Award arrangement on the successful (III), Faculty of Law, Cairo University.