Sinan Salman, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Associate Dean
Abu Dhabi

  • Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, 2007, University of Arkansas 

  • M.Sc., Industrial Engineering & Management, 2001, Oklahoma State University 

  • Data Analytics for Decision Support 

  • Use of Technology in Education 

  • Applied Operations Research 

  • Complex Systems Modeling, Simulation, and Optimization

  • Supply Chain and Transportation Systems Optimization

  • Associate Professor and Associate Dean, College of Technological Innovation, Zayed University (2022-present) 

  • Assistant Chair, Department of Information Systems & Technology Management, Zayed University (2020-present) 

  • Assistant Professor, College of Technological Innovation, Zayed University (2015-2022) 

  • Associate Director of Supply Chain Management, Merck & Co. Inc., Whitehouse Station, NJ, USA (2008-2014) 

  • Senior Logistics Engineer, Transplace Inc., Lowell, AR, USA (2001-2008) 

  • Member, Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences (INFORMS) 

  • Member, Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE) 

  • Evaluator, Undergraduate Students Research (URC) conference, Dubai, UAE, 2020 

  • Session chair, IEOM 5th NA Annual Conference, Detroit, MI, USA, 2020 

  • Session chair, IISE Annual Conference, Orlando, FL, USA, 2018 

  • Session chair, IISE Annual Conference, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, 2017 

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  1. Salman, S., Cassady, C. R., Pohl, E. A., & Ormon, S. W. (2007). Evaluating the impact of cannibalization on fleet performance. Quality and Reliability Engineering International, 23(4), 445–457. (link) 

  1. Cassady, C. R., Maillart, L. M., & Salman, S. (2005). Ranking sports teams: A customizable quadratic assignment approach. INFORMS Journal on Applied Analytics (formerly: Interfaces), 35(6), 497–510. (link) 

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  • Policy Research Incentive Program Award, ZU, 2022 

  • Outstanding Employee Award for Teaching, ZU, 2019 

  • Policy Research Incentive Program Award, ZU, 2017 

  • Recognition for Continuous Support to Students’ Success at ZU, 2017 

  • Recognition for Exceptional Dedication in Supporting Students with Disabilities, ZU, 2016 

  • Special Achievement Award, Global Transportation Team, Merck, 2011 

  • Divisional Award, Project Global, Merck, 2010 

  • Recognition Award for Negotiating a Major Strategic Partnership Contract, Merck, 2010  

  • Special Achievement Award, Merck, Freight Forwarding Sourcing Team, 2009