Nabeel AlQirim

DXB Campus

  • PhD (IS) from Deakin University, Australia in 2003.

  • PostGrad Diploma in Information Systems (IS) with Distinction, Massey University (New Zealand) in 2000.

  • MBA from Lincolnshire and Humberside University (UK) in 1998

  • Bs. Electrical Enginering from Kuwait University (Kuwait) in 1989

  • Technological innovations adoption and diffusion (Socio-economic-Technical)

  • Electronic and social business

  • Digital Government (electronic, mobile, smart)

  • Education

  • Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

  • Zayed University, 2021-Current. Professor, College of Technological Innovation, UAE

  • United Arab Emirates University, 2004-2021. Associate Professor (Since 2008), College of Information Technology, UAE

  • Auckland University of Technology, 1999-2004. Lecturer, School of Computer and Information Sciences, Module Coordinator, and Research Fellow/Path, New Zealand

  • IT Industry Experience: 1989-1998 (10 years): IT Total-Solutions Consultant in different multinational companies (IBM, Data General, Compaq, Siemens) in the following areas:

    1. Document management, workflow and archival systems

    2. Structured cabling

    3. Network design and implementation

    4. Design and implementation of hardware, software and network solutions to various public and private sectors

    5. Specialized telecommunications like DFRs, high-speed printing, security solutions

    6. Contengy/backup computer centers

  • Membership in academic associations:

    1. IEEE – Senior Member

    2. ACM

    3. Association of IS (AIS).

    4. IFIP WG 9.4: Social Implications of Computers in Developing Countries.

  • Current membership in journal advisory boards

    1. Member of the editorial board of the Information Resources Management Journal (IRMJ)

    2. Member of the editorial board of the Journal of Information and Knowledge Management (JIKM)

    3. Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal of Cases on Information Technology

    4. Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal of Electronic Commerce in Organizations

    5. Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the International Journal of Cases on Electronic Commerce (IJCEC)

    6. Annals of Innovation and Entrepreneurship” (AIE)

    7. Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Idea Group Inc for book reviews.

    8. Member of the review board of the Journal of Information Systems and Small Business (JISSB)

    9. Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the International Journal of Networking and Virtual Organizations (IJNOV)

    10. Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the International Journal of Mobile Computing and Multimedia Communication (IJMcMc)

    11. Associated Reviewer for Electronic Markets (EM) Journal

    12. Member of the review board of the International Journal of Advanced studies in Computers, Sciences and Engineering

    13. Member of the review board of the International Journal of Web based Learning and Teaching Technologies

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  • Rouibah, K., Al-Qirim, N., Hwang, Y., & Pouri, S. G. (2021). The Determinants of eWoM in Social Commerce: The Role of Perceived Value, Perceived Enjoyment, Trust, Risks, and Satisfaction. Journal of Global Information Management (JGIM), 29(3), 75-102. doi:10.4018/JGIM.2021050104

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  • Certificate of Outstanding Contribution to committee, award by the college at UAEU, 2015.

  • Awarded the best 3rd eBiz Challenge 2006 (ZU) project overall the Gulf region/countries (GCC) region for the project: TelePark by the “Legend” team (automated parking solution based on BlueTooth and RFID and web site technology). It appeared almost in all local/regional media (print and TV).


  • Best paper: Al-Qirim, N. & Ramadhan, N. (2014). New Hybrid Web 2.0 Adoption Framework for Enterprises. In 2014 InSITE Multi-conferences, University of Wollongong, Sydney, NSW, Australia, June 30-July 4, 2014.

  • Best paper: Al-Qirim, N. (2000). The adoption and diffusion of electronic commerce: The case of a small to medium sized enterprise in New Zealand. In the proceedings of the 7th annual New Zealand Engineering and technology postgraduate conference, Palmerston North, New Zealand, 23-24 November, 93-100.

  • Participated in the Lifestyle in 2040 Imagination Competition organized by the College of Science, UAE University with my visionary 2040 research “Soulmate” and won the 3rd place on Thursday 24th November 2016

  • IT Marathon(2014), an enjoyable and challenging competition. Mgovernment, Issue 7, April, pp 20-21.

  • Why Arabic smart apps lag behind the English ones? 23 September (2014), both print and interview available:

  • Appeared in an article By Kelly Ng in Asia Pacific: Future eGov magazine in 26 May 2009 (interview with Nabeel Al-Qirim) titled 80 per cent of e-govt projects fail. Available:

  • Transcending Electronic Governance Boundaries (Parts 1&2) (2007). e4all (the official monthly magazine of Dubai eGovernment). Available:,en_US/