Munir Majdalawieh

Associate Professor, Chair Information Systems and Technology Department
DXB Campus

  • Ph.D. Information Technology, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia

  • EMBA George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia

  • M.Sc. Computer Science and Applied Math, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts

  • B.Sc. Computer Science and Statistics, Kuwait University, Kuwait.

  • Digital / Business Transformation, Information Systems, Business Process Modeling, IT Strategy Audit & control, IS Education

  • Chair, Information Systems and Technology Management (ISTM) Department; Responsible for the NextGen Center; Zayed University, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE (August 2017 onwards)

  • Advisor to the Provost, Zayed University, Dubai, UAE – 2016/2017

  • Assistant Dean for Students/ Associate Professor, Zayed University, Dubai, UAE – 2015/2016

  • Assistant/Associate Professor, Enterprise Computing Coordinator, Zayed University, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE (Jan 2012 – June 2016)

  • Assistant Professor, American University of Sharjah, Sharjah, UAE (Aug 2005 – January 2012)

  • Elected Senate President: American University of Sharjah, UAE (May 2009 -May 2010)

  • In-Country Manager / Technical Business Manager, Booz Allen Hamilton - Tysons Corner, Virginia, USA (Nov 2002 – Aug 2005)

  • Account/Technology Manager / Solutions Architect, Hewlett-Packard / Compaq Computer Corporation, Fairfax, Virginia, USA (Jun 1998 – Oct 2002)

  • Technology Director / Solution Architect, Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), Fairfax, Virginia, USA (Apr 1994 – Jun 1998)

  • Technical Consultant / Solution Architect, Digital Equipment Corporation, Burlington, Massachusetts, USA, Oct 90 – Mar 94

  • Technical Manager, Business Development, National Computer Services (NCS). Kuwait City, Kuwait Jul 89 – Aug 90

  • Technical Consultant / Solution Architect, Digital Equipment Corporation, Burlington, Massachusetts, USA Jul 86 – Jun 89

  • The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (informs), 2018 – current/

  • Information Systems Audit and Control Association, Academic Advocate (ISACA), 2006 - Current

  • Institute of Internal Auditors, Academic Advocate (IIA), 2007 – 2016.

  • Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS), 2009 - 2014

  • International Council of E- Commerce Consultants- Member (EC-Council), 2007 - 1016

  • Emergency Management Institute – Certificate of Achievement (EMI), 2004

Journals (Last Ten)

  • Majdalawieh, M. & Gammack, J. (2021). Building a Multidimensional Risk Management Strategy for the Enterprise: An Integrated Approach to Enterprise Risk. New Visions in Science and Technology Vol. 4, 60–77. (Book Chapter)

  • Munir Majdalawieh; Nishara Nizamuddin; Maher Al Araj; Shafaq Khan; Anoud Bani-Hani (2021). “Blockchain-based solution for Secure and Transparent Food Supply Chain Network”. Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications (Q2, SJR 2020 0.52).

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  • Feras Al-Obeidat; Anoud Bani-Hani; Munir Majdalawieh; Oluwasegun Adedugbe; Elhadj benkhelifa. (2021). "A Microservices Persistence Technique for Cloud-Based Social Data Analysis". Cluster Computing (Q2, SJR 2019 0.41).

  • Ala'raj M., Majdalawieh M. & Nizamuddin N., Modeling and forecasting of COVID-19 using a hybrid dynamic model based on SEIRD with ARIMA corrections, Infectious Disease Modelling (2021), doi: (Q1 SJR 2019 0.88)

  • Issam Tlemsani, Farhi Marir, Munir Majdalawieh (2020). “Screening of Murabaha business process through Quran and hadith: a text mining analysis” Journal of Islamic Accounting and Business Research), Emerald Publishing Limited, 2020/7/14. (Q2 SJR 2019 0.37)

  • M Ala'raj, M Majdalawieh (2020). “A Hybrid Approach for Counting Templates in Images”, Proceedings of the 2020 2nd International Conference on Image, Video and Signal Processing, pages 75-80, 2020/3/20 (Scopus)

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  • M Majdalawieh, A Marks, S Weidner (2019). “Enterprise Computing Curriculum: A Reference Framework”. The Journal of Social Sciences Research (Q3) 5 (12), 1671-1680

  • A Bani-Hani, M Majdalweieh, A AlShamsi (2019). “Online Authentication Methods Used in Banks and Attacks Against These Methods”. Procedia Computer Science (Scopus) 151, 1052-1059

  • F Al-Obeidat, AB Hani, E Benkhelifa, O Adedugbe, M Majdalawieh (2019). “A Sentiment Analysis Approach of Data Volatility for Consumer Satisfaction in the Fashion Industry”. Sixth International Conference on Social Networks Analysis, Management (Scopus)

  • SN Khan, M Shael, M Majdalawieh (2019). “Blockchain Technology as a Support Infrastructure in E-Government Evolution at Dubai Economic Department”. Proceedings of the 2019 International Electronics Communication Conference (Scopus)

  • F Marir, I Tlemsani, M Majdalwieh (2019). “A Recursive Co-occurrence Text Mining of the Quran to Build Corpora for Islamic Banking Business Processes”, International Conference on Intelligent Human Systems Integration, 306-312 (Scopus)

  • IOEM Outstanding Service Award: In Recognition and Appreciation of Dedication and Support in the Industrial Engineering and Operations Management Profession. Presented at the Hyatt Regency Hotel on March 12, 2020

  • SAP Visionary Award: Awarded the Visionary Award during the 21st SAP Academic Conference EMEA from September 5 – 9, 2016 in Potsdam, Germany.

  • Best Research Paper Award of ISACA: Awarded the best research paper for 2007 from the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) "A Paradigm Shift in IS Auditing". The award presented by Mr. Mohammed Al Muallem, Managing Director and Senior Vice President of DP World during the Information Governance Forum on the 28th of May 2008 at the Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE.

  • Booz Allen Hamilton: High 5 Award, Virginia, USA

  • Digital Equipment Corporation: 6 times winner of Digital 100, Burlington, Massachusetts

  • Digital Equipment Corporation: winner of Digital 100, McLean, Virginia twice

  • Nominated Chairman of Arabesque Media, Inc. ( Board of Directors

  • Authored many articles about the Internet in a local newspaper under the title “Put The Web To Work For You” and hosted a radio show about the Internet in a national radio station

  • Commended for delivering presentations about the Internet for diverse communities and groups