Mohd Nazir

Associate Professor
AUH Campus


    PhD in Computer Science


    BSc (Hons) in Computer Science

  • Data Science, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data

  • Associate Professor, Department of Information Systems and Technology Management College of Technological Innovation, Zayed University, UAE (Jan 2021 – Present)

  • Associate Professor, Computer Science, American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK), UAE (Aug 2019 – Dec 2020)

  • Assistant Professor, Computer Science, Taif University, Saudi Arabia (Dec 2014 – June 2019)

Chief Architect, Data Analytics & Big Data, CodeCompass (India HQ) 2014 – 2019

  • Overseeing US$150M+ worth of Big Data Engineering & Analytics projects and the technical operations of the Telecommunication’s Revenue Assurance and Traffic Monitoring systems in Ghana, Guinea, and Sierra Leon. Reporting directly to the CEO.

  • Primarily responsible for leading and managing multi-million technical project delivery and operational teams for the Company’s Telecommunication Traffic Monitoring and Tax Revenue Assurance system, which processes and analyzes 20+ billion of CDR (Call Detail Records) with an average 4 Terabytes of binary data on a daily basis from African’s telecommunication operators in India, Ghana, Guinea, and Sierra Leon.

  • Accountable as a Big Data Solution Architect/Chief Data Scientist for 20+ member team, focused on Data Analytics, Requirements, Real-Time Analytics, Large-Scale ETL processing, with Business Intelligence and Analytics Services.

Senior Researcher, Corporate Technology Division, MIMOS Bhd 2005 – 2014

  • Delivered and managed high profile industry projects responsible for the design, development, and implementation of Machine Learning, Big Data Applications, Cloud-based GP-GPUs, Compute- and Data-intensive Financial SaaS (Software as a Service) Cloud solutions & platforms.

  • Responsible for day-to-day project development activities of the NVDIA Graphics Processing Units (GPU) R&D Southeast Asia centre reporting directly to Principle Researcher and Principle Engineer.

  • Provided consulting work to clients’ CEO, CIO, VPs, and Executive Directors in IT strategy reformulation, implementation, strategic planning, and project management focusing on public sector (government ministries) & financial services (financial vendors). Projects include cloud deployment, financial market risk management systems and anti-money laundering solutions, and crime detection.

  • Technical Program Committee Member for the ICECTA 2019, Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates, Nov., 2019.

Journals (Last Ten)

  • Nazir, A. (2021). Efficient online portfolio simulation using dynamic moving average model and benchmark index. International Journal of Modeling, Simulation, and Scientific Computing, S1793-9623 (accepted).

  • Chong J.W., ZhiYuan C., Mei Shin O., Nazir, A. (2021). An Automated Knowledge Mining and Document Classification System with Multi-model Transfer Learning, Journal of System and Management Sciences (JSMS) (accepted)

  • Ab Wahab, N, Nazir, A., Ren, A. T. Z., Noor, M. H. M., Akbar, M. F., & Mohamed, A. S. A. (2021). EfficientNet-Lite and Hybrid CNN-KNN Implementation for Facial Expression Recognition on Raspberry Pi. IEEE Access.

  • Noor, M, Nazir, A., Ab Wahab, M. N., & Ling, J. O. Y. (2021). Detection of Freezing of Gait Using Unsupervised Convolutional Denoising Autoencoder. IEEE Access, 9, 115700-115709.

  • Islam, J., Meraj, S. T., Masaoud, A., Mahmud, M. A., Nazir, A., Kabir, M. A., ... & Mumtaz, F. (2021). Opposition-based quantum bat algorithm to eliminate lower-order harmonics of multilevel inverters. IEEE Access, 9, 103610-103626.

  • Jiang, F., Chen, Z., Nazir, A., Shi, W., Lim, W., Liu, S., & Rho, S. (2021). Combining Fields of Experts (FoE) and K-SVD methods in pursuing natural image priors. Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation, 78, 103142.

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  • Shaikh, A. K., Al-Shamli, M., & Nazir, A. (2021). Designing a relational model to identify relationships between suspicious customers in anti-money laundering (AML) using social network analysis (SNA). Journal of Big Data, 8(1), 1-22.

  • Waseem, Q., Maarof, M.A., Idris, M.Y. and Nazir, A. A Taxonomy and Survey of Data Partitioning Algorithms for Big Data Distributed Systems. In Micro-Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (pp. 447-457). Springer, Singapore, 2020.

  • Patent for “Method of advertising services in a structured peer-to-peer network”, publication number WO2016032315 A1, publication date Mar 3, 2016.

  • Patent for “A system and method of fault tolerant for distributed applications in a virtualized environment”, publication number WO2014171810 A3, publication date Jul 16, 2015.

  • Patent for “A system and method for peer-to-peer entity authentication with nearest neighbours credential delegation”, publication number WO2014092534 A1, publication date Jun 19, 2014.

  • Patent for “A method and system of extending computing grid resources”, publication number WO2013095083 A1, publication date Jun 27, 2013.