Maher Alaraj

Assistant Professor
+971 4 402 1238

  • PhD in Machine Learning, Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering, Brunel University London, UK, (Feb 2013 – Apr 2016). 
  • Business Intelligence and Big Data. 

  • Machine Learning and AI.  

  • Time Series Modeling and Forecasting. 

  • Modelling and Optimization.  

  • Business Process Mining. 

  • Assistant Professor, Zayed University, Department of Information Systems (Aug 2019 – Present) 
  • Senior Model Risk Officer at Commercial Bank International, Enterprise Risk Management Department – Dubai, UAE (Jan 2017 – Jul 2019). 

  • Research Fellow at Abu Dhabi University, Department of Information Systems and Management – Abu Dhabi, UAE (Jun 2016 – Nov 2016). 

  • Teaching Assistant, Brunel University London, Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering – London, UK (Jan 2015 – Feb 2016).

  • Member of the IEEE since February 2020. 

  • Advance HE Fellow of Higher Education Academy since February 2023. 

  • Certified IBM Artificial Intelligence Analyst. 

  • Certified IBM Artificial Intelligence Practitioner. 

  • Certified Celonis Process Mining EMS Professional.

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  • INS699 - Research Thesis (Fall 2023)