Ahmed Shuhaiber

Associate Professor
+971 4 402 1111
AUH Campus

  • PhD in Information Systems, 2016, Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand).

Employing quantitative and qualitative methods to empirically investigate organizational adoption,user acceptance and behavioral intention towards the following technologies:
  • Smart cityservices and IoT applications (such assmart homes and energymeters)
  • Digital transformation adoption modelling and frameworksin organizations
  • Generative AI tools and Chatbots.
  • Gamifications, crowdsourcing, augmented realityand innovative learning
  • Sustainable and green IT solution
  • AssociateProfessor, ZayedUniversity (2023-to date)

  • Assistant Professor, Zayed University (2018–2023)

  • Assistant Professor, Al Ain University (2016-2018)Lecturer, Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan (2007-2015)

Corporate Trainer and consultant


  • ‘Leading Digital Transformation and Innovation’,December 14-15, 2022, Zayed University.Applying the disruptive technologies in organization strategies (DT Blueprint, Driving Culture,Business Analytics and Big Data, Blockchain and IoT, AI and Machine learning tools, Cloud andDevops, Virtual and Augmented Reality and 3D printing).
  • ‘Data Analysis and Reporting’trainingofferedtwice in 2021 at Zayed University for admins,librarians, lab technicians, event organizers and managers who can benefit from quantitativedata analysis tool and data reporting methods.
  • ‘System Analysts: Do you knowhow to conduct a user interviewtraining’offered twice in 2021at Zayed University for systems Analysis and Design students.
  • ‘Train the Trainer’/ Train of Trainers were offered many times in UAE and Jordan (2015-2018),under the sponsorship of the UITItraining center, Jordan River Academy, Al Ain University ofScience and Technology (UAE), Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan, and others.
  • ‘Transformational Leadership’skills (The power of influence) training course. Students andemployees of Al Ain University of Science and Technology (UAE, 2017).
  • Statistical analysis usingIBM SPSSsoftware (2011-current); varies statistical tests such as Chi-Square, T-statistics, ANOVA, Correlation, Regression, Factor Analysis, Validity, Reliability (ZayedUniversity, AlAin University,Jordan River Academy, Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan)frequently.
  • Research data analysis bySmartPLS, (Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan, May 2012, February2013), Al Ain University of Science and Technology (2017-2018).


  • CertifiedInternationalProfessional Trainer[American Certification Institute, 2014]
  • IBMDesign Thinking practitioner and instructor[2023]
  • IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Certified Analyst[2019]
  • The ExclLIntercultural skills program (Excellence in Cultural Experiential Learning and Leadership,2009-2010)

Expert at Arab Labor Organization

IEEE Member

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Shuhaiber, A., & Mashal, I. (2019). Understanding users’acceptance of smart homes.Technologyin Society[Scopus Q1-IF: 4.192

Awarded Research Incentive Fund (RIF) Grant, Zayed University (PI-September2022).The project funded aims at Building agenuineData Cube for The United Arab Emirates using Earth Observation Data and Artificial Intelligence for Environmental Applications. The budget of this project is AED 296,200 for a duration of 2 years.

Awarded Research Incentive Fund (RIF) Grant, Zayed University (Co-PI-November2022).The project funded aims at understanding the factors of acceptance, adoption and trust of metaverse technology in the educational section in UAE. The budget of this project is AED 297,600 for aduration of 2 years.

Awarded Teaching Incentive Research Fund (TIRF) Grant, Zayed University (CoI, September2022). A grant of AED24,500 has been offered to support a project about experiencing Gamification and action-based learning in IT classrooms.

Awarded ADEK/ASPIRE Research Grant of AED 109,500-Abu Dhabi Department of Educationand Knowledge (PI-December 2020).

Research Incentive Fund (RIF)Grant, Zayed University (PI-March 2019). This project has earned around AED 163,000 to study the impact of using smartpens and interactive learning materialon achieving better learning outcomes for autistic students in UAE, through experiments.

  • INS-655 [Special Topics in IS]
  • INS-699 [Research Thesis]