Kang Li

Assistant Professor
AUH Campus

  • Ph.D., 2016, Michigan State University

  • Advertising, Health Communication, Environmental Communication, Information Processing, Social Media

  • Assistant Professor, Zayed University, 3.5 years by now

  • Assistant Professor, BNU-HKBU United International College, 2 years

  • Instructor, Michigan State University, 3 months

  • Teaching Assistant, Michigan State University, 5 years

  • Collaborated to develop brand positioning for the clients.

  • Collaborated to make the integrated marketing communication (IMC) plans for the clients.

  • Responsible for editing and publishing the China Culture Mobile Newspaper.

  • Designed the appearance and the packaging of the products such as Barbie, Superman, Batman and other such brands licensed by Mattel and Warner

  • Participated in making a 3D cyclorama animation on the “Underwater World” for the WTO Center Square in China. Directed ten scenes and adjusted animation for these scenes.

  • Designed and created a 2D animation advertisement with a diving theme for Toshiba. Did the initial creation and painted the elements of the scenes.

  • Creative Partner, CenterBrain Partners, Inc., USA, from 07/2017 to present

  • Editor for Mobile Newspaper, China Cultural & Media Group, Beijing, 10/2010- 06/2011

  • Designer, Blazer Technology Co., Ltd, Shenzhen, 01/2010- 10/2010

  • Animator Intern, Beijing Blue Moon Culture Media Co., Ltd, Beijing, 07/2007- 12/2007


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  • Li, K. (2007). The extant problems and the route choice in the development of China’s media industry. Productivity Research, 2007. 5: P. 58 -60 (In Chinese)

Book Chapters

  • Li, K. (2021). Gain or Loss? The Effect of Ad Framing on the Intention to Control Sugar Intake, in Sugar Intake - Risks and Benefits and the Global Diabetes Epidemic, Ian James Martins, IntechOpen, DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.95779. ISBN: 978-1- 83881-121-1.

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  • Award of Excellent Guide Teacher (2017), The 15th Chinese University Student Advertising Art Festival Academy Award Spring Competition.

  • Award of Graduate Student Travel Grant (2016), American Academy of Advertising.

  • Recipient of the Marie Louise Gephart Donnell Scholarship (2014), Department of Advertising & Public Relations, Michigan State University.

  • Recipient of the Rifon Family Research Fellowship Award (2014), Department of Advertising & Public Relations, Michigan State University.

  • The May Fourth Scholarship of Peking University (2007).

  • The Red Tower Art Prize of Peking University (2007).

  • Examples of the prizes won during international, national, provincial, municipal painting competitions:

    - Award of Merit of ‘Singapore·China’ International Teenagers and Children’s Painting Competition (1997).

    - The Second Prize of the National Children’s Painting and Calligraphy Competition with the theme ‘I Love My Hometown’ (1997).

    - Award of Merit of the Shanxi Provincial Greeting Card Design Competition (1994).

    - The First Prize of the Children’s competition of Road Crayon Painting in Taiyuan .

  • COM-606 in Spring 2022

  • COM-606_Understanding Consumer Trends in Spring 2022