Filareti Kotsi

DXB Campus

  • Communication (Ph.D.) (2003). Ecole Normale Supérieure. Lyon. France.

  • Tourism, Destination Image, Stopover, United Arab Emirates.

  • Professor (2019-Present). Tourism and Cultural Communications

  • Graduate Programs Coordinator (2020-Present)

  • College of Communication and Media Sciences. Zayed University, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • Graduate Programs Coordinator (2020-present). Zayed University. United Arab Emirates.

  • Vice-President (2018-present). Marketing and Outreach Academy of International Business of the Middle East and North Africa (AIBMENA).

  • Co-Editor (2019-present). Advances in Hospitality and Tourism Research.

  • Editorial Advisory Board (2019-present). Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Insights.

  • President of Jury (2019). International Film School Festival. Tétouan. Morocco.

  • Co-Chair (2019-present). Zayed University Film Festival (ZUMEFF).

  • Grants Reviewer (2018-present). National Science Center. Krakow. Poland.

  • Internship Coordinator (Summer 2013-2016). Zayed University. United Arab Emirates.

  • External Examiner (Ph.D. Dissertation) (2019). School of Tourism and Hospitality. University of Johannesburg. South Africa.

  • External Examiner (Ph.D. Dissertation). (2010). School of Religion, University of Helsinki. Finland.

  • Member (2013-present). Association for Tourism and Leisure Education (ATLAS).

  • Member (2014-present). International Tourism Research Committee. International Sociological Association (ISA).

  • Member (2014-present). Anthropology of Tourism Interest Group. American Anthropological Association (AAA).

  • Member (2014-present). International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES).

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  • Pike, S., and Kotsi, F. (2020). Perceptions of Stopover Destinations during Long Haul Air Travel: A Mixed Methods Research Approach in Four Countries. Tourism Analysis. 25 (2-3): 261-272. DOI: 10.3727/108354220X15758301241774

  • Kroløkke, C., and Kotsi, F. (2019). Pink and Blue: Assemblages of Family Balancing and the Making of Dubai as a Fertility Destination. Science Technology and Human Values. 44 (1): 97-117. DOI:

  • Kotsi, F., Pike, S., and Gottlieb, U. (2018). Consumer-Based Brand Equity (CBBE) in the Context of an International Stopover Destination: Perceptions of Dubai in France and Australia. Tourism Management. 69, 297-306. DOI:

  • Pike, S., and Kotsi, F. (2018). Stopover Destination Image - Perceptions of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, among French and Australian Travellers. Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing. 35 (9): 1160-1174. DOI:

  • Recipient of Outstanding Paper Emerald Literati Award (2020) for “A Study of Unconscious Emotional and Cognitive Responses to Tourism Images Using a Neuroscience Method”.

  • President of Jury International Film School Festival of Tétouan. November 25-30, 2019. Tétouan, Morocco.

  • Recipient of Highly Commended Paper Award of Journal of Destination Marketing and Management (2018) for “Place Branding: Aligning Multiple Stakeholder Perception of Visual and Auditory Communication Elements”.

  • Recipient of Best Paper Recognition Pauline Sheldon Award (2018) for “Destination Image Measurement in the Context of a Atopover: The Attractiveness of Dubai for French and Australian Travellers”.

  • Recipient of Provost’s Research Fellowship Award (2017

  • TCC520 Tourism Principles and Practices

  • TCC527 Cultural Heritage in Tourism

  • TCC525 Tourism in the Middle East and North Africa Region

  • COM523 Event and Festival Planning and Promotion

  • COM550 Advanced Research Topic I in Tourism

  • COM551 Advanced Research Topic II in Tourism