Master of Science in Environment and Sustainability Sciences

Master of Science in Environment and Sustainability Sciences 





Program Duration


Credit Hours              

Cost Per Credit Hour

4 Semesters (On Average)

Abu Dhabi 


AED 2,500

The Master of Science in Environment and Sustainability Sciences program prepares students with the expertise, knowledge and skills to analyze and advise on the implementation of an environmental management system or improve the environmental performance of almost any organization. 

Studens will study a wide array of research areas including water sustainability, green technologies, climate change, sustainability planning and management, remote sensing and GIS, biodiversity and conservation, ecosystem functions, and circular economy.

Professional Outcomes

Upper-level management and other career opportunities with organizations ranging from government resource management and regulatory agencies, non-governmental organizations, conservation organizations, and environmental consulting firms to almost any industry including chemistry, engineering, logistics, and transportation will continue to emerge in the years ahead. Possible career choices include

Environmental Scientist or Specialist

Environmental Compliance Manager

Environmental Planner

Environmental Policy Manager

Environmental Engineer

Environmental Director

Environmental Consultant

Environmental Field Supervisor

Environmental Legal Expert

Nature Conservation Manager

Environmental Auditor

Occupational Health and Safety Officer

Risk Management Officer

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Master of Science in Environment and Sustainability Sciences program, students will be able to: 

Knowledge and Practice 

a. Develop an advanced understanding of ecosystem and the features to maintain it.

b. Recognize the role of human activities in shaping the natural environment and identify management and governance strategies for minimizing negative impacts and enhancing positive impacts.

c. Formulate solutions to complex environmental issues.

Critical Thinking

a. Evaluate information and apply advanced knowledge to recommend strategies that address environmental problems in the UAE.

b. Show critical appreciation and ability to link sustainability, natural sciences, social, cultural, and ethical issues in relation to environmental practices and management.


a. Prepare and effectively convey information and knowledge on environmental health and sustainability issues in a variety of formats.

b. To be able to effectively communicate with professionals, labor, industry and general public, and the media.

c. Synthesize information from multiple perspectives and reconcile a cohesive viewpoint that can be delivered to a variety of stakeholders.

Professionalism, Autonomy and Leadership

a. Work professionally and ethically across different sectors, disciplines and institutional levels.

b. Continuously examine and critically reflect on own practice and values and adjust them accordingly.


a. Design studies that apply appropriate quantitative tools and analytical methods to conduct research in environmental sciences and sustainability.

b. Continuously review recent developments and new knowledge to determine appropriate use of data for problem identification and resolution.

c. Evaluate the integrity and comparability of data used in environmental studies.


Orientation Seminar

At the beginning of the Master of Science in Environment and Sustainability Sciences program, students are required to attend an orientation seminar to introduce the University and its resources, the program and communication and virtual classroom software such as BlackBoard Learn and Collaborate, MS Outlook, Extranet, and Bannerweb.

Program Required Courses (26 Credit Hours)

ENV600 Environmental Sciences and Ecosystem Analysis 
ENV601 Science Communication and Writing 
ENV610 Sustainability Planning and Management 
ENV615 Environmental Impact Assessment 
ENV655 Liquid and Solid Waste Management 
ENV690 Experimental Design and Data Analysis in Natural Sciences 
ENV693 Contemporary Issues in Sustainability and Environmental Technology Seminar 
ENV699 Thesis in Environmental Science and Sustainability 

Prescribed Elective (10 Credit Hours Required)

ENV611 Renewable Resources and Mixed Energy in Sustainable Development 
ENV620 Occupational Health and Safety 
ENV625 Environmental Protection 
ENV630 Advanced Environmental Policy 
ENV650 Ecotoxicology 
ENV656 Instrumentation and Analytical Methods in Environmental Sciences 
ENV657 GIS Applications in Environmental Science 
ENV660 Restoration Ecology 
ENV665 Environmental Microbiology 
ENV670 Coastal and Terrestrial and Environments
ENV695 Environmental Field Expedition 

Program Delivery

Program Duration

The Master of Science in Environment and Sustainability Sciences program is delivered in English over 4 semesters at Zayed University located in Abu Dhabi.

Course Delivery Format

Face-to-face classes are generally scheduled in the evenings (6:00 PM - 9:00 PM). The laboratory sessions will also be offered face-to-face in the evenings. 

For more information on the Master of Science in Environment and Sustainability Sciences application deadline, start date and location for program delivery, please visit the Key Dates section of the website.


Courses in the Master of Science in Environment and Sustainability Sciences program are taught by select professors from the College of Natural and Health Sciences who are experts in their fields and possess diverse international research experience.

Knowledge gained during classes is further enhanced by sharing real-world experience with other students, guest lecturers, top professionals and leaders in the field of environmental management.

Program Cost

A total of 36 credit hours at AED 2,500 per credit hour (including text books and course materials)

For more information on the Master of Science in Environment and Sustainability Sciences program cost, payment procedure and financial support, please visit the Admissions and Fees section of the website.


Students must complete all required courses in the approved program curriculum and achieve a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.0.


College of Natural and Health Sciences

Zayed University

Abu Dhabi & Dubai

United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971-2-599-3605


Program Recognition

  • Ministry of Education

Program Admission Requirements

  • Minimum Requirements
  • Additional Requirements

    • An earned baccalaureate degree in science from an accredited university recognized by the UAE Ministry of Education with a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 point scale or equivalent.

    • An interview may be required.

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