Academic and Career Development Webinar

Tuesday, 8 March 2022

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Not Open to the Public

Planning a Research Thesis

During the webinar hosted by Dr. Gaelle Picherit-Duthler, Acting Dean, Graduate Studies, Zayed University, faculty will share valuable information on how to plan a research thesis from topic development to managing the project, databases, library resources, etc. Graduate students who are currently enrolled or who are planning to enroll in thesis credit should attend. The session will allow graduate students to alleviate some of the anxiety often associated with planning a research thesis and experienced research supervisors will provide advice on how to conduct a successful research project.




Topic: How to Select a Research Topic and a Supervisor for Your Research Thesis

Ahmad Samer Wazan , PhD
Associate Professor,
College of Technological Innovation

Selecting a research topic and a supervisor is by itself a research that should be carefully conducted by a master’s degree student. While there are many high-level recommendations with regards to the best methods to select research topics and supervisors, Dr. Wazan will provide his own recommendations that are based on the research thesis requirements of Zayed University’s as well as his previous experience in supervising the research thesis of three Zayed University graduate students. These recommendations should assist graduate students in conducting meaningful research.

Topic: Preliminary Research Proposal as a Roadmap and a Contract Between the Supervisor and the Student

Ahmed Seffah, PhD
College of Technological Innovation

It is a common practice that graduate students write and discuss a preliminary research proposal with their supervisors in the first semester of their graduate studies or even prior to graduate program admission. Most often, it is done as part of the course on research methods which setup the theoretical background of scientific research. A preliminary research proposal might avoid many of the obstacles graduate students can face during their thesis, as well as the feeling of being lost, the misunderstandings of the topic, lack of communication, and sometimes the failure of not being successful or completing the research thesis on time. The proposal can be viewed as a contract between the graduate student/ supervisor/university. The session will also explore what the tasks of graduate students are in writing the proposal, and the roles of the supervisor, faculty teaching the course on research methods as well as the Graduate Program Coordinator.



Topic: The Graduate Thesis Research Process

Haleama Al Sabbah, PhD
Associate Professor
College of Natural and Health Sciences

The session will focus on, i.e., how to choose a research topic and formulate the objectives, research questions and hypothesis to demonstrate that it will advance knowledge, and the methodology required to successfully achieve these objectives. Dr. Al Sabbah will also discuss the work plan, timetable and budget associated with graduate research.

Topic: Library Resources to Support Your Thesis

Kristine N. Stewart, PhD
Information Literacy Coordinator
Library and Learning Commons

In this session, library resources and support that may be used in planning a thesis will be introduced. This includes the SAGE Research Methods Project Planner as well as other library databases that support the writing of a thesis and resources and that may be used in drafting literature review.

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