Payment Procedure


Fees for Graduate Program Tuition

Graduate program tuition is charged on a per Credit Hour (CH) basis according to a schedule of rates approved by the university (See Schedule of Graduate Program Tuition and Fees).

Fees for Course Registration

A graduate student must pay a registration fee prior to registering for courses each semester/term. The registration fee is credited towards the student’s tuition charges of that semester/term. The registration fee is not refundable, and it does not carry from one semester/term to another. Students claiming external sponsorship for the payment of tuition must provide a written confirmation from their sponsor before registering for courses every semester.

Fees for Course Registration Reinstatement

A non-refundable fee (see Schedule of Graduate Program Tuition and Fees) will be charged to reinstate a course registration within seven (7) calendar days of its cancellation upon request. No reinstatement of registration is allowed after the 7-day period.

Fees for Audited Courses

Audited courses are charged on a per CH basis as any regular course registration.

Course Fees for Sponsored Students

Sponsored students are exempted from paying the registration fee upon submitting the official sponsorship letter to the university. Sponsors pay tuition fees according to payment option 2 in Schedule of Graduate Tuition Payment Plans.

Fees for Special Courses

Special courses (e.g., project, thesis or dissertation) registered for zero-credit in a particular semester are charged an amount equivalent to the cost of one (1) CH of the program’s tuition. Payments must be made according to the plans approved by the university (see Schedule of Graduate Tuition Payment Plans).

Course Fees for Recipients of Graduate Assistantships

Graduate students who are recipients of Graduate Assistantships are eligible to select payment Option 3 of the Schedule of Graduate Tuition Payment Plans. Graduate Assistants on a tuition installment plan will be charged a 2% fee on the due balance if they do not pay on time and may have a financial hold placed on their record.  Once confirmed, the selected payment option may not be changed for a particular semester.

View and Pay Tuition Fees

Graduate students may view their fee balances and pay outstanding fees by logging into their Blackboard accounts at Click on “View and Pay Tuition Fees”. For assistance regarding tuition fees, please email

It is the students’ responsibility to attain information and know of all financial charges associated with their accounts at the university and to ensure timely settlement of all charges.  A graduate student with outstanding financial obligations will be placed on financial hold by the Financial Resources Department, which may lead to the student’s inability to continue studies, cancellation of registration or dismissal from the program. The ultimate responsibility for payment of tuition and fees rests with the student.

Tuition Fee Payment Guidelines

Payment Option

Payment Timing

Payment Calculation
(According to Schedule of Graduate Program Tuition Fees)

Option 1: Full Tuition Payment

First day after the Add/Drop deadline

[ (Cost/CH) X Number_of_Registered_CH ] – Advance_Payment

Option 2: Full Tuition Payment for Sponsored Students

Within 30 days after the Add/Drop deadline

[ (Cost/CH) X Number_of_Registered_CH ] – Advance_Payment

Option 3: Full Tuition Payment in 3 Installments
[For Graduate Assistants Only]

First Payment

End of 1st quarter of semester/term

[ [ (Cost/CH) X Number_of_Registered_CH ] – Advance_Payment ] / 3

Second Payment

End of 2nd quarter of semester/term

(Remaining balance after 1st payment) / 2

Final Payment

End of 3rd quarter of semester/term

Remaining balance after 2nd payment

*“Advance Payment” may be the registration fee, deferred admission fee and/or any residual financial credits in the student’s account.

**Specific payment due dates will be published on the university’s website prior to each semester.