Admission Interview

Admission Interview Tips

  • Confirm your interview by telephone and/or email with the College.
  • Arrive at the interview on time. Inform the College by telephone if you are going to be a few minutes late for the interview or if you no longer can attend the interview at the pre-scheduled time.
  • Be yourself, and respond to questions honestly and candidly.
  • Understand what you are asked.
  • Asking questions is encouraged.
  • Expect to answer many open-ended questions.
  • Be informed about the University and the graduate program you have applied for.

Sample Discussion Points

  • Professional experience
  • Personal successes and failures
  • Professional successes and failures
  • Relationships with peers and supervisors
  • Conflict resolution and problem solving
  • Career progression and future career plans


The Graduate Program Admissions Committee will also evaluate applicants on the following attributes:

  • Communications skills
  • Interpersonal skills (demeanor, cordiality)
  • Team skills
  • Intellectual curiosity (asking questions, alertness)
  • Entrepreneurial spirit (College of Business)
  • Potential to assume a leadership position
  • Potential to make a significant contribution to an organization
  • Motivation and ability to successfully complete the degree