Dr. Wafa Zoghbor

Associate Professor
Advisor to the Provost for Special Initiatives

ZUWafa Zoghbor is the Advisor to the Provost for Special Initiatives. She received her Doctorate Degree from the University of Leicester, UK and joined ZU in 2012 as a faculty member at the Department of English Writing Studies (EWS) and was the Assistant Dean of Research and Outreach at the University College (UC) (2015-2020). She is currently teaching at the Department of Languages, College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS). In addition to teaching undergraduate students, she has been mentoring graduate students in Applied Linguistics and TESOL (2010-2020). Dr. Zoghbor’s primary field of research is the Phonology of English as a Lingua Franca, (ELF). She is also interested in speech intelligibility, language and identity and English as a medium of instruction (EMI) and has written on these topics in journals such as System, Intellectual Discourse, World Englishes, and Asian Englishes. She serves as an editor and reviewer for several refereed journals. Dr. Zoghbor is an accredited professional international trainer in Strategic Planning. As Advisor to the Provost for Special Initiatives she supports the Provost and Chief Academic Officer in the Professional Development Program for Faculty and Academic Administrators and the operational plans of the unites affiliated to the Provost and Chief Academic Officer.