Zayed University President


It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Zayed University, an institution of higher education that proudly bears the name of the Founding Father of the UAE, the Late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

Through his dedicated leadership and insightful vision for the future of the country,  Sheikh Zayed enabled the UAE to emerge as a prosperous and successful nation that has continued to flourish. Today, the UAE stands as a model for tolerance, harmony and peaceful coexistence in the region and across the globe. Building on Sheikh Zayed’s exemplary leadership model, the UAE has embraced a holistic approach to progress and development by openly engaging with all forms of modern innovation. The UAE has steadily established a worldwide network of partnerships and fostered an open approach to global engagement that has allowed the country to truly thrive.  

In the march towards the future, the UAE has always ensured that the people of the Emirates remain at the very heart of the Nation’s vision. In line with this responsibility, the UAE is committed to ensuring that all citizens are provided with a first-rate  education. The minds of tomorrow’s leaders will be shaped in educational institutions across the country that will also serve as beacons of enlightenment and centers for academic excellence, cultural enrichment and intellectual growth for the benefit of all.

Zayed University is keen to position itself amongst the leading higher education institution locally and globally. To achieve this goal, the University provides a unique model of higher education that encourages a cross-cultural learning experience. Zayed University emphasizes innovative practices that form a solid foundation for both its undergraduate and postgraduate programs. This wholehearted embrace of progress  has resulted in educational excellence that provides students with access to cutting-edge knowledge across diverse disciplines.  In addition, the University encourages students and supports their efforts to contribute to the wider society through a range of outreach initiatives. In mobilizing our youth to become community advocates, Zayed University prepares responsible and committed citizens to engage in community service in a diverse and dynamic modern world. This comprehensive model of education aims to prepare competent and well-rounded graduates who will contribute to the growth of the nation.

Along with this dedicated approach to student learning, Zayed University nurtures research and fosters scholarship by investing in the professional development of both faculty and staff. This commitment to continuous learning reaffirms the role of the University as a research-based institution and affirms its prominent role in advancing the culture of the knowledge-based economy in the UAE.

Zayed University continuously strives to establish itself as a model of rigorous multidisciplinary scholarship, to expand human knowledge through analysis, innovation, and insight across its state-of-the-art campuses in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai while aligning with the UAE National Agenda and the UAE's Science, Technology & Innovation policy.

Most importantly, Zayed University is first and foremost dedicated  to equipping  young people with the skills that will prepare them for success in their personal and professional lives. Our students are a true testament to the success and prosperity of the Nation and a reflection of Sheikh Zayed’s vision for the future.

It is my privilege to share this journey with you and I hope that you make the most of this wonderful and exciting period in your lives at Zayed University!

Her Excellency Noura bint Mohamed Al Kaabi
Minister of State
Zayed University President