Formation and Authority

Zayed University’s governing body is the University Council. Federal Decree No. 11 of 1999 established Zayed University and its governance structure including the University Council. Article 5 describes the composition of the University Council and its basic terms of service:

A University Council shall be formed and presided over by the President of Zayed University with the following persons acting as members thereof:

    1. Vice President of Zayed University

    2. At least seven UAE citizens well known for their experience, balanced thinking and competence to be elected by the Cabinet of Ministers from various sectors of the UAE upon nomination by the university president. The University Council shall hold office for a renewable period of three years. Remuneration of the university council members shall be fixed by a cabinet decision.

 Federal Decree No. 11, Article 7, describes the authority of the Council as follows:

    1. Endorse and ratify the university general policies for education, scientific research and community service and follow up implementation of such policies.

    2. Ratify the bylaws issued in pursuance hereof setting financial and organizational rules including employment procedures for all faculty and non-faculty staff of the university.

    3. Ratify the annual draft budget and final accounts of the university.

    4. Ratify admission policies, study systems and graduation requirements.

    5. Determine study fees and ratify bursary and incentive awards to be granted to students.

    6. Ratify the establishment of new branches of the university or modification of the already established ones.

    7. Ratify study programs applied by the university.

    8. Ratify the granting of degrees and certificates as per applicable rules and regulations.

    9. Endorse various necessary rules and regulations regarding the investment, management and disposal of university funds in accordance with the university objectives.

    10. Accept donations, wills, mortmain proceeds, etc., as permitted by the university objectives.

    11. Any other assignments as delegated by the university president.

    12. Other assignments as provided for by relevant laws and bylaws. The university council shall draft an internal organizational bylaw.

The current council was appointed by governmental decree in March 2014 for a three year period and held its first meeting in April. The members of the council are all experienced and prominent government officials, educators, and business leaders who represent various sectors within the UAE.