Zayed University Administrators

2021-2022 Academic Year


H.E. Noura bint Mohammed Al Kaabi, President

Khalid AlKhazraji, Vice President

Clayton Mackenzie, Provost

Khalid AlKhazraji, Acting, Chief Administrative and Finance Officer

Nagi Wakim, Associate Provost for Academic Services

Michael Allen, Assistant Provost for Research

Hind Alrustamani, Assistant Provost for Student Affairs

Executive Secretaries/Assistants:

Mayada Ammouna, Executive Secretary, Office of the President

Leen Jaknouz, Administrative Officer, Office of the President

Mohammed Sherief ElBarbari, Executive Assistant, Office of the Vice-President

Marwa Montasser, Executive Secretary, Office of the Provost

Rosania Braganza, Administrative Officer, Office of the Provost

Ayesha AlJaberi, Administrative Officer, Office of the Provost


Andrew Marrington, Advisor to Provost for Programs and Curricula

Samon Biaou, Strategic Advisor to the President

Sherif Mousa, Transformation Advisor

Bryan Gilroy, Advisor-Provost Office

Ahmed Alblooshi, Legal Advisor

Jane Tatterton, Advisor, Alumni & Student Career


Gaelle Picherit-Duthler, Acting Dean, College of Graduate Studies

Kevin Badni, Dean, College of Arts and Creative Entreprises

Fares Howari, Dean, College of Natural and Health Sciences

Denis Sullivan, Dean, College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Fatima Al-Ali, Acting Dean, College of Business

Dwight Brooks, Dean, College of Communication and Media Sciences

Rana Tamim, Dean, College of Education

Hany ElKadi, Dean, College of Technological Innovation

Belkeis Altareb, Dean, University College

Fatma Taher, CEO, Happiness and Wellbeing

Academic Directors:

Muna AlSeeni, Director, Strategy and the Future Department

Asia Foster, Director, Early Childhood Learning Center

Barbara Harold, Director, Center for Educational Innovation

Lillian Li, Director, University Library and Learning Commons

Noura Salem AlKaabi, Director, Institute for Community Engagement

Mouawiya Alawad, Director, Institute of Social and Economic Research

Mohamed AlMazrouei, Director Administration, Office of the Vice-President

Wayne Jones, Director, English Across the Curriculum Program, University College

Administrative Directors:

Abeer AlRasbi, Director, Student Leadership

Hussein Al Rubaii, Acting Director, Campus Physical Development & Services Department

Nadia Alqabanji, Director, Information Technology Department

Abdalla Alzarooni, Director, Contracts & Procurement Department

Jayesh Vallabh, Director, Financial Resources Department

Hessa AlMarzooqi, Director, Human Resources Department

Khadija AlJaberi, Director, Government Communication Department

Fatma AlQassimi, Director, Student Accessibility Services Department

Haseena Al Katheeri, Acting Director - Undergraduate Student Academic Success

Wasseem Abaza, Acting Director - Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center

Thorsten Lomker, Acting Director - Center for Digital Fabrication - CACE

Zakaria Maamar, Acting Director - Center for Smart cities and Intillegent Systems - CTI

Hanada Taha Thomure, Acting Director - Center for Arabic Research and Development - COE

Adina Hempel, Acting Director - Zayed Institute for Architecture, Heritage and Arts - CACE

Shorouk Nafie, Acting Director - Student Counseling Center

Related Offices:


Institute for Community Engagement

Institute for Social and Economic Research

Library and Learning Commons

Office of Institutional Research

College of Graduate Studies

Office of Research

Office of Student Affairs

Office of Educational Effectiveness

Office of Center for Educational Innovation