Name: Rashid Ahmed

College of Technological Innovation

I have been drawn to Visual Arts for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I couldn’t contain my massive passion for brushes, colors and paintings, and I have strived to sharpen my talent and form a more comprehensive understanding of all what Visual Arts entailed. I used the tools I had to turn everything around me into a “living” painting. “Silent Nature” is what my paintings revolved around.  

Throughout my learning process, I put a great emphasis on practice and reading, the only two key components that could transform a simple passion to a thriving profession. I devoted my time to learning more about art: its history, its pioneers, and its different angles. I looked up to the Masters of “Plastic Arts” and determined to become a successful artist myself.  

Throughout my journey, I was blessed with people and settings that helped me attain my dream. My Arts instructor at school planted the seeds of love for art in my heart and greatly encouraged me to pursue my calling, get creative, and think outside the box. The Ministry of Education was directly involved in the development of young artistic talent amongst students as well, and hence we were tremendously supported to learn, grow, build up our self-confidence, and lead in our field.

As a result of the aforementioned, I won the first prize in the UAE National Drawing Competition in 2003. I was also honored to represent my beloved nation during the Arab Talents Forum in Egypt at the Arab League that same year.

While Plastic Art consists of diverse divisions, its materials and the textiles are incredibly diverse. I started my artistic journey using only "oily chalk" and "watercolors” as they seemed less complicated and easier for me to use. At a later stage, with practice, I also excelled at drawing with “acrylic” and “oil painting” colors, which are used for professional drawings that last for a longer period of time.

I am mostly influenced by the school of “Impressionism”, which first saw light in the nineteenth century. This school is characterized by conveying the impression of artists throughout their paintings in precision and details.

Additionally, I am interested in the Modern Arts and focus on my photography skills and computer graphics to become better versed in what this field necessitates.  I am greatly passionate about photography, and continuously practice to perfect my skills, which have helped me win many national awards in the fields of photography and design.

In the Spring of 2007, I won the second “Graphic Design” prize in in a regional competition that was organized by Qatar University VCU in the UAE. I also ranked third in a local Historical Building Competition- Photography Section, in 2006. And the journey continues.

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