Maryam Obaid Al-Suwaidi

Maryam Obaid Al-Saidi

College: College of Education

Major: Children, Youth, and Family Services (Third year student)

I still recall the very early stages that introduced me to the art of photography, a hobby that quickly transformed to a passion that defines the person I am today, relentlessly wandering in a world of  creativity. I have learnt the hard way and I wouldn’t change a thing. I remember the very first camera that my uncle gifted me as a child. I remember the very first images I took, how they represented a whole new dimension for me, how mesmerized they left me at many instances, how determined they pushed me to become, as I wanted to prove to my uncle (who often had his friendly but sharp comments about my techniques), to myself and to the world that I can make a difference, and indeed, I did. Once I familiarized myself with the basics of photography and then got more into the inside out techniques of this art, I took part in many contests that shaped my skills and boosted my confidence. One of these was the Media & Punitive Exhibition of the Ajman Police, which attracted media managers and stakeholders from all over the region as well as a massive public audience.  Another contest I took part in was the very popular Noor Ali Rashed competition for the leaders’ photography category and I was ranked number 3. I also participated in the 2009 National Day Exhibition at Zayed University and did not hesitate to apply to online foreign photography contest where one of my photos was selected amongst the top ten best photos.

What really interests me in photography is the great amount of understated detail that one does not take note of easily. I often like to complement these details with a piece of poetry for Badr Bin Mohden and the likes. I also tend to portray Public Figures, mostly to shed light on the different features of the face between one figure and another and the effects of light on different photos and conditions. Through it all, I seek to expand my participations in regional and international exhibitions and contests as  I firmly believe they are key to widen my horizons and train me to better face competition, boost my knowledge and my creativity.

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