Khulud Essa Al Zarouni

Name: Khulud Essa Al Zarouni
Second Year Student
Age: 20

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I started playing Chess at a very early age in the Girls Club of Sharjah, with the guidance of my mother. I realized early on that it would not be a one-time activity to be taken lightly, but rather an art to be mastered. Chess to me signified a ticket to success based on commitment, good planning, and development of both personal and intellectual skills, and most importantly an opportunity to represent my beloved country the UAE regionally and globally.

I was ranked first three times consecutively in the National Schools’ Chess Competition in the UAE, before participating in the Arab Chess Championship that took place in Jordan in 2005. I won a “Bronze Medal”, and determined to keep on the hard work and earn the first spot. Indeed, I was ranked first this year and was declared Champion of the 2012 Arab Chess Championship, which lasted for nine days in Jordan and included ten contestants representing different countries in the MENA region.

While I did not always attain the first prize in earlier Chess competitions, it goes without saying that the experience and know-how that I gathered have definitely prepped me to aim high in the Chess Olympics in Italy (2006), Germany (2008), and Russia (2010), then most recently, to win the Arab Chess Championship 2012.  I am currently preparing to take part in the Chess Olympics in Turkey this summer and am determined to be successful.

Apart from Chess, I also practice Horse-back riding and Fencing on regular basis.  I believe the most fulfilling reward of it all is the fact that my intensive training and efforts allow me to proudly  record wonderful achievements that reflect positively on Emirati Women and the UAE as a whole.

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