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Muna Mahdi

Muna Mahdi

College of Arts and Sciences/Art & Design

Specialization: Graphic Design

Year: 4th

When I was seven years old, a Japanese teacher taught me how to fold paper into an origami crane. It was hard for me when I was young and it took me a lot of time to practice getting a perfect geometric fold. When I came to Zayed University, my attention was caught by an origami mobile that hung in one of the teacher’s office. I asked myself, “Would it be possible for me to do something beautiful and fun like that?”  I went through books and websites to teach myself how to fold paper one more time. The steps were tricky, but it became playful as I created speaking shapes like triangle, square, kite, and many more to get an exact geometric form or shape. When I created a crane, it was perfect. This was my first fold, but then I continued folding more different shapes of origami. It was the most wonderful feeling that I had and it made me follow my passion towards origami not just for folding papers, but it can be used to make the impossible into incredible designs like sculptures, installation, mobile, jewels, fashion, and more. Now, I made my origami logo for my class campaign called “Waraq” or “Paper”. Origami will be my never-ending journey.

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