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3D Animation


In my childhood I was inspired by the Japanese animation and video games. Like any girl I was having fun drawing simple shapes, like hearts and flowers, but I've always seen the Japanese animation characters were much more beautiful and attracting. I thought at that time to draw the characters, which was my start for choosing manga (Japanese comic) as my style. Without realizing it, everyone I knew was very supportive, and I was known as the manga artist. Being in the ART major in the university and going through different courses made me experience many different styles in design, which expanded my one style in drawing and designing. I learned that even though I have my own favorite style, I have to try other styles as well in order to improve myself. My specialization is 3D animation, allowed me to make the manga characters move, which is very interesting to me. My dream now is to have my manga published, and make an interesting animation. Joining Zayed university Japan club gave me the idea about the professional world of manga. I've met the writer of the first Emirati manga, and had the chance to talk to him and know about his experience in creating the manga "Gold Ring".

Link for full interview - http://www.dubaimedia.ae/Media/view/52898

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