Aysha Saif Al Hamrani was born in Ajman ,United Arab Emirates, in 1991. She is a fourth year student at Zayed University, Dubai Campus, majoring in Integrated Strategic Communications.

Widely renowned on the World Wide Web as "Mnawrah", Aysha shares her artistic work with the world through social networking websites. She works on her drawings with love and passion. She likes to think that all her art works will eventually come to life and become a reality.

Aysha started drawing at a very early age, and developed a fondness for cartoon shows. She grew up drawing her favorite characters on papers, and while her family and school teachers were very supportive, the main turning point was when she actually shared her drawings with the whole world on social networking websites. Her fan-base developed quickly, and art lovers were astounded by her work. Social media made it easier for them to interact with Aysha and share their feedback with her, all of which got her more excited and determined to get even more productive.

Aysha is a self-taught artist who greatly relies on the internet to learn new drawing skills. She also uses programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Graphic tablet, which have helped her get into digital drawing smoothly and develop her skills.

Aysha likes to capture the Emirati spirit around her, and then translate it into drawings and characters. She dreams of converting her art talent into a valuable contribution towards her society and an inspiration to others.

Aysha's Portfolio