Asma Ali

College: University College


Poetry is a feeling that is born in a poet’s heart yet grows in the hearts of others. 

My poems and my poetic attempts are modest. I am not a professional poet, I am still at the beginning of my way. I took the first step on this wonderful path when I was fourteen years old,it was my first attempt to express what wanders in my mind and what I feel. That happened when I was in middle school. My poems were simple then, they included simple words. I showed my attempts to my teachers and they encouraged me to keep going, but the turning point in my writing came when Sheikh Zayed died. I started to use stronger words and express what was inside me. Whenever I was in pain, or felt grief or happiness, or even the feelings of others, I would express this in my poems.  My parents and my best friend encouraged me to write more and to participate in many competitions. I aspire to have my own particular book poetry, which will include the whole experience of my poetry. Every day, a new revolution starts from my heart and becomes a breakthrough for a new poem.

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