Ahmad Rashed bin Futais

Nawaf Al Janahi

Multimedia Design

: 19

I first developed an interest in Photography few years ago as I started casually using my mobile phone amongst colleagues and friends, and sooner than I knew it, I found myself urged to further pursue this calling, with the support and encouragement of my family and network. As my skills improved, a sense of pride and contentment filled my heart.

My main aim with Photography was to realize a sense of personal achievement, especially as it allowed me to capture the charm of some of the most memorable places and events of the UAE, and share it with my community through precious snapshots that would last a lifetime for many generations to come.

Amongst my achievements in the field of Photography so far are: taking part in the “Majid bin Mohammed Youth Media Awards” and winning the second prize, and participating in the “Taqaroub” exhibition that was organized by “Marsam Mattar” where the overall attendance was massive.

My greatest delight however remains having my name listed in the Photography book 
 "40 Photographers from the spirit of the UAE", as that instilled in me a sense of accomplishment I will never forget.

On a side note, I volunteered for “Habitat for Humanity” on a trip to China, where we helped build and re-build houses for the needy. It was a life changing experience that I also seized through a plethora of images. I am currently a member of the Zayed University PALs, and am continuously aiming to reflect the great progress our beloved UAE is attaining on both the local and international arenas.

Website: www.dubaicamera.com

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