Advising Systems

Zayed University uses automated systems to schedule advising appoinments and to keep advising records.

The Advising and Risk Management (ARM)

The Advising and Risk Management system is the platform that students enter to schedule advising and tutoring appointments and where advisors input advising notes.

  • Students can check their assigned advisors when they need to take the appointment.

  • ARM provides early alerts for students that may be at-risk academically.

  • Students can discuss academic issues with their advisors to find solutions

To schedule an advising appointment, please go to


Sahim is an initiative which will serves as a direct communication channel between the University's students, faculty, staff and administration. This initiative consists of an electronic system that is designed to receive suggestions and complaints which aims to help us progress in our work while taking into consideration the perceptions of students, faculty, and staff alike, in order for us to better interact with them, and better understand their opinions by allowing them to share their ideas and suggestions in regards to developing and enhancing work standards, and thus improving  the level of services provided.

Click here to visit Sahim.

For any inquiries regarding advising services or
academic issues, please contact CSS team through: