Lost and Found Services on Campus

Office of the Campus DirectorWhat can I do if I lose any of my personal belongings on campus?

Whether you have lost something or have found something belonging to someone else, it is important that  you report the incident to the Lost and Found Office. If items remain unreported it makes it almost impossible to return them to their original owners.

How do I report a lost item to the Lost and Found Office?

Follow these easy steps:

  • Log onto the Zayed University website.

  • Log onto to the student page.

  • Fill in the ‘Report a lost item form’ describing the item you have lost in as much detail as you can.

  • Finally, submit the form.

What will happen after I have submitted the form?

Office of the Campus DirectorThe Lost and Found Office receives many found items on a daily basis. All received items are categorized and classified in order to be easily recorded.

If any item found matches your lost item description, you will receive a call or an email from the Lost and Found Office notifying you that the item may have been found.

You should then visit the Lost and Found Office in person to identify your lost item.

You will be asked several question to ascertain whether the item found, belongs to you. For electronic items you will be asked to enter relevant passwords, if any, or give more personal details about the item.

You will be asked to sign a receiving note stating that you have identified and received your lost item.

Where is the Lost & Found Office?

Abu Dhabi Campus: Administration Building, Ground Floor near Central lobby (ADM-0-048)

Dubai Campus: Administration Building, First Floor, CPDO department