Dubai - Media City Campus

The Media City Campus is the smallest of the 5 campuses and is located on the Ground Floor of the Reuters Building (building no. 1).  The built up space for the entire Reuters building equals 2,750 Sq. M. and Zayed University occupies a small portion of the ground floor of Reuters building.      


The Media City Campus offers the following facilities: 

  • 2 classrooms, each with a capacity of 16 persons

  • 2 case rooms each with a capacity of 36 persons

  • a mac lab with a capacity of 16 persons

  • a meeting room with a capacity of 10 persons

  • 9 offices for staff and faculty

Currently the Media City Campus is used by ICE for its programs. 

The facility management is currently being done jointly by both ZU CPD and Idama.  Idama does facilities management of common areas (i.e. tasks associated with the entire building) in relation to items such as security, common areas and cleaning.  CPDO addresses internal to campus issues such as furniture allocation, MEP, etc.