Information for Students


Hybrid Learning

The hybrid education system provides ZU’s Students with different ways to engage with Faculty and fellow students, and complete their tasks, while adapting in the best way possible – either through face- to-face learning, remote learning, or a combination of both.

  • Online Learning Platforms: Blackboard, Zoom and Microsoft Teams are enabled for online learning purposes.

  • On Campus Classes: Campus attendance is limited to students using laboratories, studios and research purposes.

  • Classes Schedule: Studdents will be receive their individual schedules via Student Access Program (SAP).

Student Attendance

Attendance is monitored in both F2F and online classes as per the Attendance policy.

Assessment Mechanism and Projects

  • Current assessment and quality assurance measures have been modified and we are currently incorporating new methods suitable for e-learning which you have already been introduced to such as open-book exams; active collaborative assignments, projects, and research papers.

  • Majors that require lab work have been modified by converting laboratory sessions into theoretical assignments that require critical thinking skills and creativity while still meeting the required learning outcomes.  We are also experimenting with the use of ‘virtual laboratories’, where students can experience a virtual version of a particular experiment through their computer or device.

Exams and Grading system

  • Online Examination Procedures (technicality, reach IT)

    In light of the current circumstances of remote learning, it has been decided to use the following protocol to conduct your upcoming online examinations for the Spring Semester of 2020.

    Referring to the directives issued by the Ministry of Education, which gave the right to examiners to utilize appropriate procedures and use the necessary tools to monitor the remote evaluation processes, including laptop cameras to maintain the academic integrity of the examination process:

    Zayed University students, are therefore, obligated to use their computer video cameras during online examinations.


    The use of cameras will be used to activate a facial recognition tool during the time of examination to maintain the integrity of the academic assessment process. This is currently a remote education best practice that is being applied by all major educational institutions across the UAE.

    Zayed University assures all students that images recorded will be safeguarded and will be held privately within the system of the university.

    Students who fail to operate the online video monitoring tool during the time of assessment will receive a zero grade for that examination. However, the course final grade will be calculated based on the entire course work during the semester which includes attendance, assignments, mid-term exams and final exams. 

    Please speak to your college assistant dean for students or you advisor if you require further advice.

IT Support


Ensure that you can connect to online sessions remotely, and if you cannot, please send an email to the IT in case of any technical issues. The IT Happiness Centers on both campuses will continue to provide Remote Support through phone, remote sessions and emails. Support will be available Sunday to Thursday, 8 am- 6pm.


Website: (through extranet while off campus)

Abu Dhabi Tel.:

02 599 3666

Dubai Tel.:

04 402 1777

COVID-19 Tracking System

Zayed university has implemented COVID-19 Statistics Tracking System for Students, faculty and staff in order to:

  • Monitor any positive COVID-19 cases among ZU community.

  • Monitor students, Faculty and Staff members who have been in close contact with individuals who have contracted the virus.

  • Track the number of vaccinated members (2 doses) so far, in an attempt to proactively avoid the spread of COVID-19.

  • Keep track of remote working mothers.

You are kindly requested to register your complete details onto the system by:

In case you have:

  • Tested positive for COVID-19

  • Been in close contact with a COVID-19 positive case

  • Received the COVID-19 Vaccine

  • A child learning remotely