Faculty & Staff Travel During Spring Break

Dear ZU Community,


As you all know, Zayed University has been adhering to and following the UAE Government continuous updated laws, policies and precautionary measures with regards to containing the spread of COVID-19.

With reference to the previous Campus Announcement sent on 14 of July 2020, Zayed University continues to urge all employees, Faculty and Staff, to refrain from traveling during these challenging times; this is due to the uncertainty of the situation and the constant changing of worldwide travel rules.

>However, employees who decide to travel will do so at their own risk and they will be held accountable for any adverse consequences. Therefore, all employees must fill in their travel details using the following link: https://travelabroad.zu.ac.ae/

This is an additional application to capture the travel details only. Staff still require to follow the normal process of applying for vacation leave on the system and have it approved by their line managers.

Employees should keep their direct line manager updated with their status when they are out of the country if something unexpected happens or face any difficulties to return

Important Notes upon arrival to UAE:

  • COVID - 19 PCR test to be done. The result must be shared with HR by sending email to HRServices@zu.ac.ae

  • Employees to place themselves for 14 days self-quarantine

  • Working remotely during self-quarantine will be taken into consideration, unless for any deterring medical reasons/conditions and upon pre-approval from the line manager.

  • For Staff, it’s mandate that you register your attendance using the following link, if working remotely: URL: https://eas.zu.ac.ae/MyAttendance/List/SubmitAttendance

  • On completion of 14 days, second COVID test to be done, and the test results must be shared with HR by sending email to HRServices@zu.ac.ae before resuming work physically at the campus.

In case a staff or faculty member got stranded abroad, the University may consider any decision pertaining to employee’s continuity, in order to ensure smooth work functioning.

Please note that the University will unfortunately not be able to assist any stranded employee in terms of communication with any third-party regarding employee’s return to the UAE.

Medical Support

Please note that Medical Insurance does not cover COVID-19 test or treatment outside the UAE, according to the recent updated information received by ADNIC. For any health-related queries, please reach out to the following authorities:

  • Ministry of Health and Prevention: 800 11111

  • Dubai Health Authority: 800 342

  • Estijaba center, Department of Health: 8001717

At the end, we sincerely wish you all good health and hope that you will continue to refrain from traveling unless for emergency purposes, in these constraining and difficult times we are all living.

All further related Government information and updates will be shared with you at the earliest upon receipt.

Thank you,
Human Resources Department

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