In Animation, students develop concepts and technical skills in three-dimensional computer modeling and animation, digital video, and web design using industry-standard software. Students explore all types of virtual visualizations including text animation and motion graphics, character animation, story telling, and architectural modelling, rendering, and animation.


In Graphic Design, students acquire theoretical and practical knowledge in design and practice while developing a variety of skills in print and media design. Through their course work, students explore typography, packaging design, and web design. They also learn about project briefs, research, and client interaction, and how to pitch, develop, and finally implement design proposals.  Through community engagement and team-directed and client-based projects, students are encouraged to understand the social and cultural dimension of any project in order to become innovative leaders in design.


In Interior Design, students acquire the appropriate technical skills and conceptual knowledge to design functional, safe, and aesthetically appealing interior architectural spaces for their clients. Students work on small residential to large commercial projects and learn about soft and hard decorative finishes, illumination, and the interplay between social and natural environments. Through research, problem solving, and applied practice, students understand the complexities of the built environment while developing creative solutions.


In Visual Art, we believe that professional creative expression requires both technical and intellectual skills that are acquired through intensive studio work, research, professional exposure, and gallery practice. Students thus acquire a variety of visual art skills, including drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture, while also developing their critical awareness of artistic issues, past, present, and future, within the region and internationally.