College of Arts and Creative Enterprises




The College of Arts and Creative Enterprises aims to prepare students to become creative leaders in the arts and related industries.  Its mission is to provide student artists and designers with an opportunity to explore and develop their own creative ideas while contributing to national initiatives in culture in the United Arab Emirates.

This mission is accomplished through specializations and initiatives in which students:

•   Integrate traditional and new practices in the production of exciting and innovative outcomes;

•   Are adaptable and flexible in their professional practices; and

•   Give back to their community.



•   To provide technical, informative teaching that offers a solid foundation of skills from the creative art and design disciplines;

•   To empower students to work successfully as leaders in the world of art and design, pursue postgraduate studies, or establish themselves as committed artists and designers;

•   To facilitate the successful employment of graduates in art and design;

•   To promote student and alumni work in appropriate professional venues throughout the United Arab Emirates and the international community;

•   To serve as an academic center for the arts by tracking the development and growth of the cultural identity of the country through documentation and research;

•   To provide exchange between local, national, and international artists, designers, and scholars through international conferences, exhibitions, and lectures;

•   To contribute to the improvement of art education at all levels in the United Arab Emirates.