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University College

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about University College (UC), the place where students come to receive academic support. Everything that is done in the college is with the aim of helping students succeed in their courses, major, and in their future; students are our first priority in University College.

In addition to offering developmental and general education courses, the college provides students with one-on-one academic support to enhance their learning and professional skills through academic workshops, mentoring, and co-curricular activities. Though courses and academic support initiatives will be conducted virtually, faculty are here and ready to address student queries.

All University College faculty who teach courses are dedicated to student learning and are diligent in providing students with a quality learning experiences in an out of class. All college instructors are focused on their own growth as facilitators of learning and work together to create a community of learners whose objectives are to be competent, ethical, confident members of society that add value to their world.

The general education courses offered through University College have been designed by scaffolding the required skills needed by students taking faculty and student input into course learning outcomes, materials, and assessments. All courses meet at least one of the six Zayed University Learning Outcomes (ZULOs); it is in these courses that students learn to critically examine the world and their place in it; to respect their values and those of others and to understand how these influence ethical actions; to communicate confidence and humility in their interactions with others; to take responsibility for their actions; and, to ask questions and be able to answer them using the method of scientific exploration and analysis.  Diverse college activities aim to help students navigate the complexity of living in a diverse and dynamic world and to practice the skills needed for an everchanging workplace. Student will design their college academic journey by working closely with their faculty mentors and advisors.

Throughout their time at Zayed University, students will be advised by faculty and college advisors who work together to ensure the information students are provided is accurate, timely, and in the best academic and professional interests of students. Students will be invited to participate in numerous on and off-campus academic events that will shape their academic and career plans. 

We hope that students’ university journey is filled with discovery, growth and vast learning opportunities. Courses and activities will be enriching, and all of us in the college and throughout the university care about student academic success.

We are excited to work with students on their individualized learning journey, helping them discover who they are, what they want to do, and how they want to make a difference in their world.

Dr. Belkeis Altareb

Dean, University College




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