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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about University College (UC).  UC is responsible for the first-year General Education (GEN) experience for all Zayed University baccalaureate students, and our faculty teach students 27 of the 39-credit hour General Education core requirement.  General Education provides foundational knowledge to all students and is an important component of the Zayed University student experience in the first year.

UC faculty are dedicated to student learning and are diligent in providing students with a quality general education program that is continuously assessed for meeting the six Zayed University Learning Outcomes (ZULOs) that are measured throughout the 13 GEN courses. Through courses in Life Skills, the Quest for Happiness, Writing intensive courses, Management of Data Analysis, Living Science: Health and Environment, Introduction to Scientific Research and Development, Introduction to Information Technology,  Arabic Concepts, Islamic Studies, Emirates Studies, and Fundamental of Innovation and Entrepreneurship students learn to critically examine the world and their place in it; to respect their values and those of others and to understand how these influence ethical actions; to communicate effectively in Arabic and English; to ask questions and be able to answer them using the method of scientific exploration and analysis. 

The General Education curriculum aims to help students navigate the complexity of living in a diverse and dynamic world.  From the first semester, students are assigned an academic advisor who also teaches them Life Skills. The UC advising model is developmental and helps students take responsibility for their academic careers.  Students are assigned an ADV course throughout their academic progression in University; it is within advising that students come to know more about themselves, their goals, and their academic plans.  Much more than choosing classes or sorting a major, academic advising is about developing rapport with a faculty member who mentors and guides you into the professional you want to become.

We hope you enjoy your first-year General Education experience. I promise that your courses will be enriching and that your faculty will care about your academic success. We have an entire team of committed faculty, departments, staff, and college leadership who care about you and your learning, and we are glad that you have joined us.  If you have any concerns or need to talk with any of us about your classes, please stop in to see us.

Wishing that your General Education experience is filled with discovery, growth and vast learning opportunities!

Dr. Belkeis Al Tareb,

Dean, University College


















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