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Dr.Tarak Abdallah, Associate Professor and Interim Director of IIWS

Ph.D.  Universite du Quebec a Montreal (UQAM),  Montreal, Canada,  Sociology,  1999

Ph.D.  The University of Paris X Nanterre, France,  Nanterre, Paris, France,  Economics,  1992 Master  The University of Paris X, Nanterre, France,  Nanterre, Paris, France,  Economics,  1987

B.S.  The University of Tunis, Tunisia,  Tunis, Tunisia,  Economics,  1985


Tarak Abdallah is an Associate Professor at the Institute for Islamic World Studies at Zayed University, UAE.   He studied economics at the Universities of Tunis (BS 1985) and Paris X Nanterre (MA 1987;  PhD 1992) and sociology at the University of Quebec (PhD 1999).  His research interests include Islamic economics, waqf and social institutions, as well as civil society in the Arab world.  Beyond his academic role, he has advised a variety of charitable institutions in the Middle East and Southeast Asia as well as the UNDP.

Teaching Areas

Islamic Economics, Waqf and endowment

General Education courses in Challenges of Modern Muslim World; Islamic Civilization; and History, Politics and Culture of the Arab and Islamic World.

Research and Professional Activities


(Editor) Waqf and Globalization  (KAPF, Kuwait, 2010) 332p.

Book Chapters:

“Economy and Society:  A Qur’anic Perspective”,” in Legitimacy, Legal Development & Change: Law & Modernization (Ashgate book, U.K, 2011) forthcoming

Abdallah, T. (2003). "Economic Construction of Awqaf in Gulf Region", In I. G. Bayoumy (Ed.) Awqaf and Civil society in the Arab World, (pp. 449- 48). Beirut, Lebanon: Center for Arab Unity,.

Office: ZU -Dubai Campus D Wing-L1-007
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Dr. Hamdy A. Hassan, Professor

Ph.D. Cairo University & Maryland University, Cairo, Egypt & College Park, M, Political Science, 1990

Member of the Advisory board of the Swedish Network of Peace, Conflict and Development Research

(2000 - 2002). founder and director of the Afro Egyptian Studies Program at Cairo University.

(2001 - 2005). Vice President of African Association of Political Science. It is a Continental organization for African political Scientists.

(1999 - 2000). Director of the UNISCO Human Rights Chair Located in Jordan.

Published many books and articles in both English and Arabic including:

 (2013). Islamic Discourse In Africa. Cairo: Dar Elhelal.

(2011). The African Union and its New Security Architecture. Abu Dahbi, UAE:

Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research.

(2011). Regional Integration in Africa: Bridging the North-Sub-Saharan Divide.

Pretoria: Africa Institute of South Africa.

 (2009). Arabs and Africans in a Changing World. Cairo: Dar Misr al Mahroosa.

(2008). New Trends in the Study of Comparative Politics: Africa as A model..Amman, Jordan: Academic Center For Political Studies.

(2007). Africa in a Hegemonic Era: What A Future ? (1st ed.).. Cairo:Madbouly Boks for Publication and Distribution.

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Dr. Hassanein Ali, Professor

Dr. Hassanein Ali is Professor of Islamic studies at the Institute for Islamic World Studies, Zayed University, UAE. His research interests include violence, democratization, civil society, and political Islam in the Arab World. Dr. Ali has been selected as one of the distinguished professors at ZU for 2009/2010 and 2011/2012.  He has received Egypt’s State Award in 2006/2007 for his book “Arab Political Systems”. Dr. Ali, won the Arab Award in Social Sciences and Humanities for 2011-2012. His winning paper is entitled “Political Aspects of the Human Development Crisis in the Arab Homeland: A Study of the Impacts of Political Authoritarianism on the Development Process”. The Award is granted by the Qatar-based Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies. He also received the first award in human studies in Dr. Suad Al- Sabbah Competition among Arab Youth in 1992 for his study “The New Global System: Issues and Questions.”

Dr. Ali published several books in both Arabic and English, including “Political Violence in the Arab Political Systems” (1992); “The New Global System: Issues and Questions” (1992); “The Political System and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt” (1998); “Political Economy for Economic Reform in the Arab World” (1999); “State and Development in Egypt” (2000); “Future of the State and Political System in Iraq” (2001); “Contemporary Directions in Studying Arab Political Systems” (2002); “Arab Political Systems” (2005), “Political Reform in the GCC States” (2005), “Civil Society and Democratic Development in Egypt” (2006), “Studying Civil Society in the GCC States” (2007). He also published tens of book chapters and articles in refereed journals in both Arabic and English.

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Dr. Ilyas Balga, Associate Professor

PhD    Islamic Thought and Theology, 2002, University of  Mohamed 1st , Morocco.

M.A.   Fiqh and Usool (Islamic jurisprudence and  its fundamentals), 1996, University of  Mohamed 1st, Morocco. 


Before joining Zayed University in 2009, Ilyass Balga worked  at the ministry of  Islamic Affairs in Morocco from 1998 to 2003, then as a university professor since then.

Teaching Areas

Islamic Civilization, Sciences of Islam, Christian Thought.

International  Award

Ilyass Balga won the World Prize of the President of the Republic of Tunisia for Islamic Studies, in Ramadan (August-September) 2010, for his book “The Grand Rift in Islam: Sunnism and Shiism – Origins and Solutions.”

Research Activities  and Interests

Knowledge and methodology are Balga’s main scientific interests. He wrote many books in this domain, including “Precaution: one of the foundations of the Islamic law,” which is considered as a method of thinking and deduction; in other words, how to take precautions to estimate the maximum probabilities. Other books by Balga include “Introduction to Astrology” and “Divination”, tow studies on false science. He also interested in futuristic studies. His main questions are: can we know the future? Or at least, can the human mind decrease the circle of the unknown? And what are the bases, tools and limits of the futuristic vision? Thus, Anticipation, expectation and their methods are the subjects of his three books “The Unknown and the future,” “Existence between Causality and Order,” and “Futurology in the Hadith of the prophet.” The Unknown  is one of the principal philosophical and scientific issues in history of human thought. His studying of mind and its limits resulted in a book entitled “Invisible Existence and Mind.”

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Dr. Ahmed Salem, Associate Professor

Dr. Ahmed Ali Salem is an associate professor at the Institute for Islamic World Studies, Zayed University, UAE, and the Institute’s former assistant director. He teaches courses on the Islamic World, including courses in the MA programs in Islamic World Studies, and Diplomacy and International Affairs. His research agenda includes theoretical and methodological debates in International Relations; modern Islamic reform thought and movements; conflicts in Arab and African Worlds; and modern history of Arab-African, and Islamic-Western, relations. He has authored, edited and translated more than twenty books, book chapters, journal articles, web articles, and conference papers in both Arabic and English since he received his Ph.D. degree in political science from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and joined Zayed University, in 2006. He also earned M.A in African Studies from UIUC in 2002; another M.A. in Islamic Studies from Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences (now, Cordoba University), VA, USA, in 1999; and B.Sc. in political science from Cairo University, Egypt, in 1996.

His most recent book is What Is Constructivist About Realism? Constructivist Critiquing of the Realist Paradigm in International Relations (2012), which is an in-depth analysis of the classic works of leading theorists in the realist school of international relations. It criticizes the works of Carr, Morgenthau and Waltz, and their contributions to the continuous building and rebuilding of realism. It highlights their problematic assumptions, internal inconsistencies and failures to address important aspects of international relations. It also criticizes later realist attempts to fix serious problems of Waltz’s theory in order to save the realist paradigm in international relations. Criticisms are based on a constructivist point of view.

His first book is "International Relations Theories and International Organizations: Realism, Constructivism, and Collective Security in the League of Arab States" (2008) in which he developed a set of realist and constructivist hypotheses, and tested them in collective security actions that an international organization undertakes against a member that evidently planned or committed aggression against another member. He used the Arab League’s responses to the Iraq-Kuwait crises in 1961 and 1990 as case studies.

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Dr. Mohamed El Filali, Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor at IIWS Zayed University (UAE), since 2011, I taught graduate courses (Islamic civilization) and master courses (Economic History of Islamic societies; and Economic and social development of Islamic societies). As a lecturer at the University of Quebec at Montreal (Canada), I taught Quantitative and qualitative methodology of scientific research, between 2006 and 2010. Besides my experiences in teaching, I furthermore occupied several functions in government and private businesses as an economical analyst, an internal auditor, and as a consultant in strategic management, and start up.

In the field of research, I have publications with the Research Center for Social Innovation on the modes of coordination of economic and social activities, social innovation, social economy, and economic and sociologic theories of the firm. Other researches were published with the Canadian association of political Economy. They concerned local and regional development, regional integration, and globalization. I participated in a research on ``The evolution of international pension systems``, organized by The INRS Urbanization, Culture and Society (Canada). I participated in international conferences on economy and sociology of the firm, modes of coordination of the economic activity, Islamic finance, etc. A new book on the determinants of strategic alliances will be published on December 2013, by Tayssir publisher (Morocco).

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Dr. Ahmed Al-Dawoody, Assistant Professor


Assistant Professor in Islamic studies at Zayed University. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Birmingham, UK, his MA in Islamic Studies from Leiden University, The Netherlands, and a five year BA degree in Islamic studies from Al-Azhar University, Cairo. He has also taught courses on Islam in the United States and the UK. He is the author of The Islamic Law of War: Justifications and Regulations.

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Dr. Kaltham AlMajid, Assistant Professor

Bachelor in Islamic studies\media sector – from United Arab Emirates University 1988.
Master in Islamic from Yarmouk University in Jordan. 2002. Had been equation in Ministry of Higher Education in AD.
Doctorate in Islamic studies from Yarmouk University in Jordan. 2009. Had been equation in Ministry of Higher Education in AD.
Doctorate in Hadith Sharif from University Mohammed 5 in Rabat – Morocco. Excellence with honors degree in 2010.

Work experience:

Teaching in Ministry of Education a period of fifteen years. ( Certified certificate of experience from undersecretary ). 1989-2004. Advisor in Department of Islamic Affairs in Dubai for half a year. 2004.
Teaching Emam Malik College in Dubai. Started from second semester 2010-2011.

Office: ZU -Dubai - D Wing-L1-04
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Dr.Fathi Brahim, Assistant Professor


Academic Qualification
Ph.D in Sociology from University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM)

Research interest areas
Arabic and Western political Thought
Arabic social movements and Political Islam
Problematic of conciliation between Islam and modernity
Modernity and Post-modernity in Western thought

Recent Publications
Reconciliation between Islam and Modernity in Islamic contemporary discourse, Rached Ghannouchi as model. (Phénomène de Société, Issue 19, Volume 3, pp. 39-61, 2011, Tunisia)
Essay critic on the evolution of science and technology (UQAM Press, 1999)
Lecture in Jurgen Habermas theory of communication ( UQAM Press, 1996)

Dubai Campus D Wing-L1-006
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Dr.Riham Kafagy


Academic Qualification

Riham Khafagy PhD in political science from the Faculty of Economics and Political Science at Cairo University, Egypt, in 2012 and an MA in political science from the same University in 2006. She holds an MA in Islamic studies with political science concentration from the Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences, VA, USA, in 2000, and BS in political science from Cairo University, Egypt, in 1996.

Research interest areas
Dr. Khafagy's research interests include values and norms of Western Civil Society; political and academic roles of nongovernmental organizations; gulf philanthropy and foundations; women’s contributions in the Arab and Muslim civilization; and the modern history of Arab North Africa.

Recent Publications

She published two books, many book chapters and journal articles in Arabic and English and participated in various conferences related to her research interests in Egypt, the United States, Turkey, Kuwait, U.A.E, and Jordan. Due to her intensive research and wide consultation work, Khafagy received an acknowledgement from the Kuwaiti Awqaf Public Foundation in recognition of her contributions to waqf studies in 2009.

Dubai Campus D Wing-L1-013

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Lina AlKilani


Lecturer since 2012 at Zayed University's Institute for Islamic World Studies, UAE- a leading educational and research institute in the heart of the Islamic world which aims to develop a new paradigm in the scholarship of Islam that leads to renewing the pedagogy, theories and research agenda of the different Islamic Studies disciplines. I Worked as well as a lecturer at al Jazeera University-UAE, teaching Islamic Civilization. In addition to that, I've published papers addressing the "Recreational Consumption", "A Comparison Study between Islamic Economics and Capitalist Economics", and currently publishing a book that takes in hand "The Limitations and Determinants of Consumption" 

Elsewhere, I took role in the Cultural Economics Seminar "The Role of Women in developing Islamic Economics" held at Zayed University in 2011. I participated as well at Dubai Police Academy's 4th International Scientific Conference "The Legal, Economical, and Security Aspects of the Financial Crises 2009". I also took part in several workshops to produce the 'Tafakur Educational Curriculum' designed for private schools in UAE, and am frequently being involved in seminars targeting the role of women developing the society socially and economically.

I'm Co-Founder and Chairman of 'Hifz al Ni'ma-Conserving Bounting'; a humanitarian project aimed at preventing waste of excess food and redistributing it to the poor and needy with the support of Dubai Municipality. The project since its birth in 2004 received a massive recognition from the society and landed several awards from Dubai Municipality and Society Leaders.  

Dubai Campus D Wing-L1-016

Phone: +9714 402 1177


Dr.Main AbuBaker


Ph.D.:   University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan, Islamic Jurisprudence, 2008

B.S.  Al-Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan, Islamic Jurisprudence, 2002


Main AbuBaker:  is an assistant Professor at the Institute for Islamic World Studies at Zayed University, UAE.   He studied Islamic jurisprudence at Al-Yarmouk University (BS 2002) and University of Jordan (PhD 2008). His research interests include Islamic Economy, laws of Financial Transactions, laws of Finance and Islamic Banking, laws of Emerging Issues, all in the Islamic perspective. 

Teaching Areas

History of Islamic Jurisprudence,  Jurisprudence of Personal Status,  Jurisprudence of Inheritance, Wills, and Endowments,  Muslims’ Contributions to Arts and Sciences, Usul Al fiqh. (Principles of Fiqh).General Education courses in Challenges of Modern Muslim World; Islamic Civilization; and History, Politics and Culture of the Arab and Islamic World.

Research and Professional Activities


(usool Al-fiqh (principles of Fiqh) (co-other)

Contention in Rights: university Bookshop, UAE..

Office: ZU -Dubai Campus D Wing-L1-002
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Dr.Noorah Mohammed



Islamic and Arabic Studies College  (2007 -2012)
PhD degree in Osool Alfqh with an Excellent (The first PhD debate in UAE about this topic)

Islamic and Arabic Studies College  (2004 -2006)
Master degree in Osool Alfqh with a Very Good grade ( The first MS debate in UAE)

Islamic and Arabic Studies College(2000-2003)
Bachelor degree in Islamic Studies with a Very Good grade

University of Nottingham-United Kingdom  (2012-2013)
Diploma in school leadership (+ Average)

Awards and Recognition
Certification for the participation in the Islamic affairs and Charitable activities in the provisions of intonation and private campaign the (Ahl al-Quran) worldwide 2009
Messages of thanks and gratitude from the director of the Asma bint Omays school Sheikha Hamid Nasir 2008-2012
Certificate from the University of Hamdan Bin Mohammed for delivering a workshop, "Internet Auditor for ISO system 2008/2009" (June 21-22, 2009)
Awarded for the Acknowledgement from Abu Huraira School in Ajman for Basic Education 2007-2008
Awarded from the Faculty of Education and Basic Sciences in Ajman University of Science and Technology for supervising the students of the Faculty in the university network 2009-2010

Participated in the shift to smart schools, presented a paper entitled "global practices of smart school model" for 2015. 
Participated in Arab education Conference (shift towards intelligent learning system – excellence 4-2015. (Paper title: some practices of smart school model).
Participated in the third Conference on education, presented a paper entitled: "the impact of leadership on educational guidance: the art of building plans – strategic planning – operational – lead and manage change" 2013.
Participated in the Conference, the third education 2013. (Paper entitled: the impact of the programme on educational guidance-art building plans-strategic plans – operating-.../lead and manage change).
Participated in the Conference: "women and eLearning repositories of challenges" for 2012.
Participated in the expert training – pre-university education paper entitled "developing the leadership capacity of individuals" in 2012.
Participated in the Conference the first training expert: "pre-university education. For the year 2012.
(Paper title: leadership development among individuals).
Participation in the Conference: "women and eLearning repositories of and challenges" 2010. Gave speech on (Challenges facing women/using modern electronic means).

Workshops Presented
A workshop entitled: "neuroscience and education" 2015
A workshop entitled: "empowering leadership of second and third grade education to improve institutions ' 2014.
A workshop entitled: "the road to smart schools and universities", 2014.
A workshop entitled: "mental programming and outstanding institutions", 2013.
A workshop entitled: "the characteristics and attributes of the school leadership", 2013.
A workshop entitled: "lead and manage change" 2013.
A workshop entitled: "comprehensive quality management in organizations", 2012

Computer (ICDL), 2006. 
Certified internal auditor for ISO, 2008-2009
Certificated on the quality of pre-university education, to 2013
Certificated in (IELTS)-2013
Certified expert in quality and evaluation2014
Awarded for becoming a certified judge for educational contests and prizes-2012-2014

Member of the humanitarian association, 2013-2015
Member of the society of Humanities in Dubai, 2012-2014.
Member of the national programme for social volunteering "takatof", 2012-2014
Member of the teachers Association Sharjah, 2010-2015.

Awards and certificates of Honor
Rashid Award for academic excellence, 2013
Award for excellence in science day in Ajman, 2012
Rashid Award for academic excellence, 2008
Thanks and appreciation of the Scientific Institute for my contribution to the annual contest of the Qur'an and the Hadith and Islamic jurisprudence, 2008-2009
Certificated for participation in the Department of Islamic Affairs and charitable activities to participate in session of tajweed recitation for global Quran campaign 2009.
Testimony of Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University (for my participation in the workshop "internal auditor of ISO System 2008-2009" for a period of 21-22 June 2009).
Thanks and appreciation from Abu Huraira school for primary education.

Research and Publications
Case study: community partnership for parents in the educational process-Ajman Department of Education, 2013.
Search: "classroom management strategies in the light of the prophetic method", 2013.
The book entitled: "Doctoral Thesis” 2012
Co-author Ajman heritage encyclopedia of 2012.
Co-author of four books of first and second constituent of adult education by the Ministry of education for the year 2012.
Search: "divorce in the U.A.E: causes and treatment", 2012.
Search: "strategies of classroom management and classroom problem solving".
The book entitled: "Master’s Thesis, 2006.

Office: ZU -Dubai Campus D Wing-L1-008
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Mrs. Makiya Al Hajri


Mrs. Makiya Al Hajri has extensive work experience in cultural and humanitarian fields, including with international agencies such as the United Nations. Since 1987, she has acquired extensive expertise in all phases of strategic planning, management and implementation in challenging public and multinational settings.  Her strong interpersonal, organizational and problem-solving skills have enabled her to interact effectively with leaders in government and communities of Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and international agencies, it helped her to consolidate her employment experience, commitment to public service and good relationships with prominent client networks to become a successful leader in cultural and humanitarian foundations.

Mrs. Al Hajri’s Education background as a Master Degree holder in Museum studies from one of top universities in UK (UCL London University); has positioned her to effectively coordinate, liaise and manage multiple tasks  and projects in culturally-diverse settings, Mrs. ALHajri become a pioneer in establishing cultural and humanitarian foundations.

Office: ZU -Dubai Campus D Wing-L1-014
Phone: +9714 402 1360