Undergraduate Programs

The following program information is helpful for current and prospective students alike:


The College of Technological Innovation offers the following programs:

  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, with concentrations in:
    • Security and Network Technologies (SecNet): This concentration prepares students to protect and secure information systems from threats and attacks. Students also learn to apply IT in the design and development of secure computer networks and telecommunications.
    • Web and Mobile Application Development (WAM): This concentration prepares students to develop web and mobile applications. Students learn to apply software engineering concepts to the design and development of user-focused, interactive games and applications.
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and Technology Management, with concentrations in:
    • Management of Information Systems (MIS): This concentration prepares students for management roles associated with IT within organizations. Students learn how systems of technology, people, and processes can be designed and managed to provide strategic benefits.
    • Business Intelligence (BI): This concentration prepares students to analyze and leverage data to gain insights and inform decision-making. Students also learn how to discover hidden knowledge and patterns of behavior useful for improving business practice and competitiveness.
    • Enterprise Systems (ES): This concentration prepares students for professional roles involving IT that span entire enterprises and geographically dispersed organizations. Students learn how business processes can be linked using IT both within and across organizations operating in a global environment.

Bachelor Degree Graduation Requirements:

Students must complete 120 Credit Hours (CHs) in their selected programs, including 39 CHs of General Education courses, 60 CHs of core program courses, 21 CHs in concentration courses, and 9 CHs of elective courses. Some courses satisfy both General Education and Program Requirements.
As part of the above core program requirements, students will crown their accomplishments in their programs with a Senior Project and a practical semester-long Internship.

Senior Project

Students complete a substantial "real-world" project developed under the direction of a faculty supervisor. The project builds on the courses the student completes in their program and prepares them for their future roles in the industry. The execution of each project normally encompasses the following phases: requirements analysis, design, implementation, documentation, and release of a tangible product, service, or technical report. For a sample of our students’ projects, please check our college’s online senior projects repository.


Internship for academic credit add a significant workplace experience to a student‘s education. Students earn three hours of academic credit for their internships during the final year. They gain valuable on-the-job work experience related to a chosen focus in IT and IS applications. In addition, internships permit students to interact with professionals in the fields of work in which they may one day have careers.

Internship Coordinator - AUH

Dr. Hamda Al Breiki

Internship Coordinator - DXB

Dr. Emad Bataineh

College Internship Officer

Hasna Almansoori