Welcome Prospective Students

We are happy to know that you are interested in our academic programs of Information Technology at Zayed University.

Majors Day

It is an event that University College organizes for second semester students to consider what they should take as a major.

450-900 students attend on each campus, depending on the semester. All of the colleges/departments are invited to give a small presentation introducing their specializations. The date is generally the 7th week of the semester (unless there are holidays), and are held on different dates on each campus.

It is a full day event, and students are required to attend approximately 4 hours of presentations, so they are not expected to attend their other classes.

Admission Criteria

The college requires that the applicant for admission to the major must fulfill the following requirements for acceptance:

1) Satisfactory completion of 42 semester credit hours or more.

2) Attainment of a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.

3) Achievement of grades of (C-) or better in COL 110, COL 111,
    COL 140, COL 145, and COL 240.

4) Achievement of passing grades (D) or better in COL 105, COL 120,
    COL 130, COL 135, COL 150, COL 155, COL 230, COL 255, COL 260,
    and COL 270.

(COL 260 and COL 270 may be scheduled for semester three, four, or five. In addition to the University requirements, the college strongly recommends to prospective IT students that for their future success as IT majors they obtain a grade of C or better in CIT 210 Introduction to IT and Systems).

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