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Zakaria Maamar
ProfessorDr. Zakaria

Dr. Zakaria Maamar is a Professor in the College of Information Technology at Zayed University in Dubai. His research interests are primarily related to service sciences theories and methods, context-aware computing, and enterprise application interoperability. Dr. Maamar has published several peer-reviewed papers in journals and conferences, is the founder of the International Annual Symposium on Web Services (, and regularly serves on the program and organizing committees of several international conferences and workshops. In 2010, he received an IBM Faculty Award to carry out research on social Web services. Dr. Maamar graduated for his M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Computer Sciences from Laval University in Canada in 1995 and 1998, respectively.

Dr. Maamar recently took part in the  2nd International Conference on Next Generation Computing and Communication Technologies 2015  that was held in Dubai where he presented on Social Web Services. These latter are the result of blending social computing with service computing. On the one hand social computing is about collective action, content sharing, and information dissemination at large. On the other hand, service computing is about service offer and request, loose coupling, and cross-organization flow. Social Web services ``know’’ with whom they worked in the past and with whom they would like to work in the future. These two elements constitute the ``memory’’ of Social Web services and show the collective action of a group of social Web services that share respective experiences when developing complex value-added services.

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