M.Sc Computer Science – University of Calgary


Abu Dhabi - Khalifa City, MF3-0-51


+971 2 599 3413

Teaching Areas

Introduction to Information and Technology- GEN 175

Essentials of IT and Infrastructure – CIT 210

Object Oriented Programming - SWE-321

Research and Professional Activities

Research Area(s):

Visualization Design

Data Analytics

Human Computer Interaction

Research and Professional Activities:


 Kuhail, M. A., Farooq, S., Hammad, R., & Bahja, M. (2021). Characterizing Visual Programming Approaches for End-User Developers: A Systematic Review. IEEE Access.

Farooq, S., Carpendale, S., & Maurer, F. (2016). Pairing for Designing Visualizations. In Maurer, F. (2016). Designing Digital Surface Applications. (pp. 155-165). Calgary: SurfNet.

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