Associate Professor, Chair Computing and Applied Technology Department

Dr. Hakim Hacid Senior Scientist in Computer Science. He obtained his PhD from the university of Lyon (France) in 2007. Dr. Hacid has been a research Associate at the University of New South Wales (Sydney, Australia) before joining Bell Labs as a Senior Researcher in early 2009. Dr. Hacid has led teams as a research Group Leader and then as a Department Head (Senior Scientist) at famous international research lab, Bell Labs for almost five years. He joined Zain Telecom for one year in late 2013 where he set up the analytics department. Dr. Hacid’s research interests include Data Analytics (Structured and unstructured), Big data, and Web information systems. During these years, Dr. Hacid has participated in building research projects and large collaborations, especially in Europe. He published more than 60 research articles in top journals and conferences as well as several industrial patents. Dr. Hacid is also very active in the international research community by organizing conferences, reviewing research work and research projects, being a keynote speaker, etc. Finally he supervised 3 PhD theses and set-up 2 additional ones, which are all defended currently.  


Dubai Academic City, D-L2-11


+9714 402 1737

Teaching Areas


Information systems

Data Analytics

Web Developpement

Humain Computer Interactions

Research and Professional Activities

Adrien Guille, Hakim Hacid, Cécile Favre, Djamel A. Zighed: Information diffusion in online social networks: a survey. SIGMOD Record 42(2): 17-28 (2013)

Mohamed Reda Bouadjenek, Hakim Hacid, Mokrane Bouzeghoub: LAICOS: an open source platform for personalized social web search. KDD 2013: 1446-1449 

Adrien Guille, Cécile Favre, Hakim Hacid, Djamel A. Zighed: SONDY: an open source platform for social dynamics mining and analysis. SIGMOD Conference 2013: 1005-1008