Visiting Associate Professor

2011: United Kingdom / Doctor of Philosophy in Information Systems and Computing, Brunel University – West London.

2008: Jordan / Master’s Degree in Business Administration Management Information Systems, The University of Jordan.

2006: Jordan / Bachelors of Science Degree in Management Information Systems, The University of Jordan.


Enas Musa Al-lozi, BSc, MSc, PhD is a current visiting associate professor at Zayed University. Enas has pursued her PhD in information systems and computing at a very young age from Brunel University London by the year 2011, and that gave her the opportunity of being exposed to several administrative and academic activities at an early stage of her career path. Her expertise has helped her lead several faculty committees including the computing & e-learning committee, scientific research committee, other than participating within the AACSB, and quality assurance committees. Al-lozi as well is in charge of the international/hybrid learning program at the faculty. Her research interests cover topics of systems analysis and design, E-business, enterprise systems, Web applications and technology adoption & acceptance. She has published several research papers with local and international co-authors within highly ranked and well recognized journals. Al-lozi is always eager to learn more and gain expertise and knowledge within her academic career path through the continuous engagement and involvement with international curriculum and extra-curriculum activities.


Dubai Academic City, D-L1-042


+971 4 402 1641

Teaching Areas

Web Communities,
Enterprise systems, Systems analysis & design, Strategic information
systems, e-Business, process modeling, data modeling, project management,
Systems analysis & design.

Research and Professional Activities

Research Area(s):

Information systems and computing, IT/IS acceptance and adoption reflecting social behavioral intentions, the Internet of things, Business Intelligence, IS success models, Intentions-Based Theories, Theory of Planned Behavior

Google Scholar personal profile:

Google Scholar personal profile:

Research and Professional Activities (last 5 years)


2022 – Current: Visiting Professor College of Innovation Technology, Zayed University – Dubai.

2021-2022: Member of the AACSB committee, faculty of Business. 

2020 – 2022: Head of the scientific research committee, faculty of business, ZUJ Current faculty liaison officer of the e-learning platform Current member of the university’s council for e-learning. Member of the Editorial Manager for Technology in Society Committee Reviewer with Jordan Journal of Business Administration 

2019 – 2022: Head of Department of Management Information Systems Faculty of Business, Al-Zaytoonah Univerity of Jordan Responsibilities include management of the academic procedures and operations, management of department committees, support of academic research and projects, students’ academic counseling and guidance, and continuous evaluation and reporting.

2019 – 2022: In charge as head of the blended learning/international program at the faculty of business. Current head of electronic learning and computing services committee, faculty of business, Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan.

2018-2019: Part-time lecturer King Abdulla 2nd faculty of Information Technology at The University of Jordan Taught courses in Strategic Management, Introduction to Management Information Systems, and Advanced Computer Skills. 

2016 – 2018: Associate Professor Department of Management Information Systems, Business Faculty at Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan Taught courses in Systems Analysis and Design, Business Intelligence, Decision Support Systems, e-Business, Enterprise Systems, Internet Applications, Special topics in Information Systems, and Introduction to Databases.


Refereed journal papers

Qatawneh, A., Al-lozi, E., Al-lozi, N., (2022) “Internet of things IOT and the quality of decision making during the covid-19 pandemic: a perspective of accounting managers within the Jordanian industrial sector”, Jordan journal of business administration (JJBA) 20(2), to be published 2024.

El-Qirem, I., Alsmadi, A., Al-lozi, E., (2022) “Impact of interactive education on the learning outcomes and quality assurance”, Journal of higher education theory and practice 22(5).

Al-lozi, E., Alfityani, A., Alsmadi, A., Al-Hazimeh, A., Al-Gasawne, J., (2022) “The role of big data in financial sector: a review paper”, International journal of data and network science 6(4).

Almaiah, M., Al-lozi, E., Al-Khasawneh, A., Shishakly, R., Nachouki, M., (2021) “Factors affecting students’ acceptance of mobile learning application in higher education during Covid-19 using ANN-SEM modelling technique”, Electronics 10, 3121.

Al-lozi, E., Al-Qirem, R., (2021) “Towards the adoption of enterprise resource planning systems (ERP) as an effective teaching tool in higher education institutions”, Academy of strategic management, 20(2). 

Hujran, O., Al-lozi, E., Al-Debei, M., Maqableh, M., (2018) “Challenges of cloud computing adoption from the TOE framework perspective”, International journal of E-business research, 14(3). CERTIFICATES PROJECTS PUBLICATIONS AND JOURNALS CONFERENCES.

Najim, A., Aboyassin, N., Said, K., Al-lozi, E., (2018) “The impact of change management on ERP systems outcomes: A case of pharmaceutical companies”, Journal of applied economics and business research, 8(2).

Hujran, O., Al-lozi, E., AL-Debei, M., Maqableh, M. (2018) “Cloud computing adoption impediments in developing countries: an application of the TOE framework”, the international journal of E-business research (IJEBR), 14(3).

AL-Debei, M.M., Al-lozi, E., AL-Hujran, O., and Aloudat, A. (2016) “Why I-mode mobile platform failed to succeed outside Japan: an analysis from a business model perspective”, international journal of business innovation & research, 11(3).

AL-Debei, M.M., Al-lozi, E., and AL-Hujran, O. (2015) “Critical design and evaluation factors of mobile business models: ‘Road block’ eradicators for mobile networks operators”, journal of enterprise information management, 28(5), PP. 698-717.

AL-Hujran, O, Al-lozi, E. and AL-Debei, M. (2014) "Get ready to mobile learning": examining factors affecting college students’ behavioral intentions to use M-learning in Saudi Arabia", Jordan journal of business administration, 10(1), Dar publishers.

Al-lozi, E., Al-Debei, M.M., Aloudat, A. (2014) "Value capturing & role playing in social networking sites", IEEE technology & society, 33(1), PP. 66-72. 

Al-Debei, M.M., Al-lozi, E. (2014). “Explaining and predicting the adoption intention of mobile data services: a value-based approach”, computers in human behavior, 35, 326-338.

Al-Debei, M., Al-lozi, E., Papazafeiropoulou, A. (2013) "Why people keep coming back to Face book: explaining and predicting continuance participation from an extended theory of planned behavior perspective", decision support systems, 55(1).

Al-Debei, M., Al-lozi, E., Fitzgerald, G. (2013) "Engineering innovative mobile data services: developing a model for value network analysis & design", business process management journal, 19(2). 

Al-Debei, M., Jalal, D., Al-lozi, E. (2013) "Measuring Web portals’ success: a re-specification and validation of the Delone and Mclean information systems success model", international journal of business information systems, 14(1), Indersciece.

AL-Debei, M., Al-lozi, E. (2012) "Implementations of ICT innovations: a comparative analysis in terms of challenges between developed and developing countries", international journal of information, business and management, 4(1).

Papers in refereed conference proceedings

2014 United Arab Emirates Al-Hujran, O., Al-Debei, M. and Al-lozi, E. " Examining eDemocracy Adoption Intention for Digital Society: An Integrative Model", ICDS, The Eighth International Conference on Digital Society.

2012 Jordan Al-lozi, E. and Papazafeiropoulou, A. "Business Intelligence 2.0: The role of Web 2.0 applications in leveraging business intelligence", The 11th annual international conference on Business Intelligence and Knowledge Economy (BIKE), Amman, Jordan.

2012 Germany Al-lozi, E. and Al-Debei, M. "A Framework of Value Exchange and Role Playing in Web 2.0 Websites", The European, Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Conference on Information Systems (EMCIS), Munich, Germany.

2010 United Kingdom Al-Lozi, E., and Papazafeiropoulou, A., “Developing a framework explaining continuous participation in digitally engaged communities”. In proceedings of the 15th annual conference of the UKAIS, Oxford, UK.

2010 United Kingdom Al-Lozi, E., and Papazafeiropoulou, A., “And why would I participate? A framework of value exchange and roles in digitally engaged communities”. In proceedings of the 3rd digital cultures workshop, Manchester, UK.

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