Ph.D in Computer Sciences, Laval University, Quebec, Canada, 1998.


Zakaria is a Professor in the College of Technological Innovation at Zayed University, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Zakaria has extensively published in different peer reviewed journals and conferences, regularly serves on the program and organizing committees of several international conferences and workshops. He also serves on the editorial boards of many international journals. He is the recipient of an IBM Faculty Award in 2009.


Dubai Academic City, E-L1-002


+9714 402 1461

Teaching Areas

Programming, Software Engineering, Mobile and Cloud Computing.

Research and Professional Activities

Research Area(s): Internet of Cognitive Things, Cloud/Edge Resource Management, and Industry 4.0.

Refereed journal papers

Rania Ben-Halima, Slim Kallel, Walid Gaaloul, Zakaria Maamar, and Mohamed Jmaiel. “Toward a Correct and Optimal Time-aware Cloud Resource Allocation to Business Processes”, Future Generation Computer Systems, Elsevier Science Publisher, 2020 (forthcoming).

Hamdi Yahyaoui, Hala Shawky, A. Agwa, and Zakaria Maamar. “A Novel Scalable Representative-based Forecasting Approach of Service Quality”, Computing, Springer Nature, 2020 (forthcoming).

Zakaria Maamar, Muhammad Asim, Khouloud Boukadi, Thar Baker, Saad Saeed, Ikbel Guidara, Fadwa Yahya, Emir Ugljanin, and Djamal Benslimane. “Towards a Quality-of-Thing based Approach for Assigning Things to Federations”, Cluster Computing, Springer Nature, 2020 (forthcoming).

Papers in refereed conference proceedings

Zakaria Maamar, Mohamed Sellami, Thar Baker, Said Elnaffar, Maj Alshibly: Atomicity in the Internet of Transactional Things (Io2T). AINA Workshops 2020: 46-55

Fadwa Yahya, Zakaria Maamar, Khouloud Boukadi: A Multi-Criteria Decision Making Approach for Cloud-Fog Coordination. AINA 2020.

Zakaria Maamar, Mohamed Sellami, Nanjangud C. Narendra, Ikbel Guidara, Emir Ugljanin, Bita Banihashemi: Towards an Approach for Validating the Internet-of-Transactional-Things. AINA 2020: 1176-1188