Assistant Professor

PhD   Computer Engineering, French University for Civil Aviation (ENAC), Toulouse, France.
EngD Engineer in Telecommunications, Higher School of Communication (Sup'Com), Tunis, Tunisia


Dr. Ouns Bouachir is an assistant professor at the college of Technological Innovation at Zayed University. Dr. Ons has received her PhD in computer engineering in France from the French university for civil aviation, Toulouse 3. She also holds an engineering D. in Telecommunications from the higher school of communication (sup’com), Tunis.

Her current research activities are directed toward blockchains, internet of things (IoT), and energy optimization in wireless networks.

Prior to working at Zayed university, she worked as an assistant professor and post-doc researcher at Canadian university Dubai.


Abu Dhabi - Khalifa City, FF2-050


+9712 599 3250

Teaching Areas

• Communication Networks

• Problem Solving and Programming language

• Web Design Development

Research and Professional Activities

  • Enabling AI and Deep Learning for Emerging Technologies
  • Blockchain for Information and Communications Technology
  • Blockchain for Energy Management
  • Connected and Autonomous Systems
  • Data Management using AI and ML
  • Computing and communication resource management
  • Cloud/Edge Computing
  • Internet of things (IoT)
  • Network Security

Selected research publications:

Peer-Reviewed Journals

  1. «Design Guidelines for Cooperative UAV-supported Services and Applications», Al Ridhawi, I.; Bouachir O.; Aloqaily, M; Boukerche A.;  ACM Computing Surveys, 2021
  2. « SynergyGrids : blockchain-supported distributed microgrid energy trading», Aloqaily M.;  Bouachir O.; Ozkasap O, Faizan Safdar F. A. Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications, 2021
  3. «SynergyChain: Blockchain-assisted Adaptive Cyberphysical P2P Energy Trading» Faizan Safdar F. A. , Bouachir O.; Aloqaily M.; Ozkasap O.; IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics 2021.
  4. «Design Guidelines for Blockchain-Assisted 5G-UAV Networks» M. Aloqaily; O. Bouachir; Al Ridhawi, I.; Boukerche A. accepted in IEEE Network 2021
  5. «Blockchain and Fog Computing for Cyberphysical Systems: The Case of Smart Industry» O. Bouachir, M. Aloqaily, L. Tseng and A. Boukerche, in Computer, IEEE Sept. 2020.
  6. «Performance Evaluation of Data Dissemination Protocols for Connected Autonomous Vehicles» F. M. Malik; H. A. Khattak, A. Almogren, O. Bouachir, I. Ud Din, A. Altameem; IEEE Access, June 2020
  7. «An Energy Trade Framework Using Smart Contracts: Overview and Challenges» M. Aloqaily; A. Boukerche; O. Bouachir; F. Khalid, S. Jangsher, I; IEEE Network 2020
  8. «QoS Enhancement with Deep Learning-based Interference Prediction in Mobile IoT» Zafar S. ; Jangsher S.; Aloqaily M.; Bouachir O.; Ben Othman J., Computer Communication Journal 2019

Peer-Reviewed Conference Papers 

  1. « Blockchain and FL-based Network Resource Management for Interactive Immersive Services» Aloqaily M.;  Bouachir O.; Al Ridhawi, IEEE GLOBECOM 2021
  2. «Lightweight IDS For UAV Networks: A Periodic Deep Reinforcement Learning-based Approach» O. Bouhamed, O. Bouachir, M. Aloqaily, I. Al Ridhawi, IFIP/IEEE IM 2021
  3. «AI-based Energy Model for Adaptive Duty Cycle Scheduling in Wireless Networks». Charef N., Ben Mnouer, A.; Bouachir O. In 21ST ISNCC. IEEE. Oct 2021
  4. «Blockchain-assisted decentralized virtual prosumer grouping for p2p energy trading». Safdar F. A.; Aloqaily M.; Ozkasap O., Bouachir O. In 21ST WOWMOM. IEEE. Sept 2020
  5. «Energy Efficiency in SDDC: Considering Server and Network Utilities» Assefa, B,; Kizil, I.; Aloqaily, M.;; Ozkasap, O. Bouachir, O. (2020). IEEE ISCC 2020
  6. «UAV-Assisted Vehicular Communication for Densely Crowded Environments» O. Bouachir, M. Aloqaily, I. Al Ridhawi, O. Alfandi, H. Bany Salameh; NOMS 2020 IEEE/IFIP
  7. «Testbed of QoS Ad-Hoc Network Designed for Cooperative Multi-drone Tasks» Bouachir O.; Aloqaily M., Garcia F.; Larrieu N.; Gayraud T; MobiWac, November 2019.
  8. «Resource Allocation in Moving Small Cell Network using Deep Learning based Interference Determination» Zafar S.; Jangsher S.; Aloqaily M.; Bouachir O.; Ben Othman J., PIMRC, Sept 2019

Book Chapter

  1. «Blockchain based solutions for achieving secure storage in fog computing» O. Bouachir, R. Grati; M. Aloqaily, A. Ben Mnaouer, book chapter, CRC Press, July 2020

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