John Gammack

Quality Assurance Coordinator, Professor

BSc (Hons)  Psychology with Computing Science, First Class Honours, (Stirling University, Scotland). 
Ph.D  (Experimental Psychology) Cambridge University (England).


John Gammack is a Professor in the College of Technological Innovation at Zayed University. Dr Gammack received his PhD on the topic of expert knowledge acquisition and modeling from Cambridge University, where he studied at the MRC Applied Psychology Unit. Dr Gammack’s primary field of research is knowledge management and decision support, particularly in the social, cultural and human aspects of their application areas. He is also interested in other aspects of informatics and has published many books and articles in this general area. Prior to working at Zayed University, he worked as an academic in China, the UK and Australia, where he was also department Head and Chair in two Universities.


Abu Dhabi Campus, F-F2 0 054


+9712 5993490

Teaching Areas

Knowledge Management
Research Methods
Supply Chain IT
Enterprise Systems
Human Computer Interaction

Research and Professional Activities

Recent Research:

Rabaa’i A.A. and Gammack, J.G. Effect of culture on perceptions of IS service quality Int. J. Intercultural Information Management (in press)
Miah SJ and Gammack JG (2014) Ensemble Artifact Design For Context Sensitive Decision Support Australasian Journal of Information Systems Vol. 18, No 2 5-20
Miah SJ, Gammack, JG and Hasan, M.J  (2013) An E-health Infrastructure Design to Support Management of Lifestyle Disease Advanced Science and Technology Letters Volume 40 Current Research on Healthcare and Nursing pp.1-4
Professional Activities:
Dr. Gammack is presently working on Emiratisation of a statistics workbook using an innovative Excel add in, and on design issues for digital academic text reading support in Arabic and English.

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