Jim Morey

Assistant Professor

BSc   in Mathematics from the University of Guelph (1993)
MSc  in Pure Mathematics from the University of British Columbia (1996)
in Computer Science from the University of Western Ontario (2005)


Dr. Jim Morey's work combines human computer interactions, mathematics, programming, and theoretical computer science in designing tools for investigating repetitive geometric artifacts like tilings, crystal lattices, and polytopes. The tools have incorporated a number of novel interactive techniques, interactive representations, and repetitive artifacts (jimmorey.com/tl/tileland.html and jimmorey.com/bull/simpleBull.html). Jim has been researching eyetracking interfaces for intuitive interfaces, in particular, hands-free reading support tool as well as associated analysis tools (jimmorey.com/eyetrack/task1Shellv2.html and jimmorey.com/d3/hemp.html). Beyond research, Jim actively engages in teaching and web design which he shares using social media (polygoncraze.blogspot.com, www.youtube.com/user/theamatour, and coderesources.wikispaces.com


Abu Dhabi - Khalifa City, FF2-0-056



Teaching Areas

• Multimedia, HCI, Foundation
• Foundation

Research and Professional Activities

A data visualisation for horizontal eye-movements

J Morey, J Gammack

2015 2nd Asia-Pacific World Congress on Computer Science and Engineering

Interface development for a gaze-controlled reading support application

J Morey, J Gammack, ES Thornquist

Information and Communication Technology Research (ICTRC), 2015

Students' perception on the use of visual tilings to support their learning of programming concepts

HN Liang, C Fleming, J Morey, K Sedig, KL Man

Teaching, Assessment and Learning for Engineering (TALE), 2013 IEEE

Using visual tiling patterns to support the teaching of programming concepts

HN Liang, J Morey, K Sedig

Teaching, Assessment and Learning for Engineering (TALE), 2012 IEEE