Student Opportunities

Leadership Opportunities’ for Students

Student Success Leader program

Selection Criteria

  • Students with CGPA of 3.00 or above

  • One group from each college major or program

  • Committed to Student Success Leader roles/tasks for one academic year


  • Develop college students leadership skills

  • Enhance the at-risk student academic skills

  • Facilitate learning and advising processes at the college level

  • Promote college majors

  • Promote student policies and procedures across the college

  • Help College advising team to organize students activities and events


  • Organize a welcome meeting for new students to introduce students to college administrators, faculty and staff.

  • Run academic support workshops for at-risk students (students with CGPA of 2.49 and below) for time management, communication skills, study skills and goal settings & research skills.

  • Organize events such as academic integrity day and graduation ceremony.

  • Promote college majors during the Majors Day, Parents’ evening, high school student’s orientation.

College Student Representatives

Selection Criteria

  • Students with CGPA of 2.5 and above

  • At least one group to represent each major of the College

  • Committed to student representative roles/tasks for one academic year


  • Provide a link between the student population and the Faculty/Administration.

  • Attend regular meetings with the Assistant Dean and Department Chair, and provide updates on the success of the scheme.

  • Engage in consultation with College Administration with any changes about courses/Majors.

  • Assist in the marketing activities of the college departments.

College Academic Integrity Day (Keep Calm and Love ZU Honor Code)


  • A joint effort with the other Colleges Academic Success Advisors

  • College Students Success Leaders and Students Representatives

  • College Assistant Deans (DXB &AUH)


  • To educate students about ZU academic integrity and ZU honor code.

  • To inform students about the violation of ZU academic integrity

  • To familiarize students with ZU services and resources needed to succeed academically

  • To make students pledge to ZU honor code.