About Us

The advising center was initially established in 2014 as part of our parent college (College of Sustainability Sciences and Humanities). The Assistant Deans (ADs) for Student Affairs within the College on both campuses deal with students’ academic concerns and ensure these are well addressed and resolved at the college level. The ADs head the College advising team consisting of the College Academic Advisor and the Faculty advisors. The Academic Advisor and the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs on each campus arrange a one-to-one meeting with at-risk students with low CGPA who are marked at risk after the mid-term examination. Academic Advisor and Assistant Dean guide students and calculate their needed grades for the enrolled courses to predict better CGPA and grades and identify areas of weakness and make proper referral or recommendations. Students are provided support by engaging them in compulsory workshops such as research skills, communication skills, time management that are aimed to improve their academic success. The Advising Center promotes college majors by participating in several events such as Majors’ Day, Parents and Student Orientation Day, High School Students visit or several other activities organized by Office of Student Life on both campuses.  The advising center also organizes a welcome meeting for the students at the beginning of every semester and college student’s graduation ceremony towards the end of each academic year. The meeting aims to familiarize students with the College administrators, faculty and staff and their roles. It is also to update students with College-related initiatives for the new semesters.


The College Advising Center aspires to provide exceptional support to students and promote student success and retention through excellent academic advising focused on developing student leadership, learning and engagement to build a solid foundation for student academic and social success.

Mission and Goals

The Advising Center is committed to adopting best advising practices by helping every single student by providing support, encouragement and information about their majors, minors, curriculum plans, registration guidelines and engaging them in academically meaningful activities. The Advising Center encourages and promotes university core policies and procedures that create a pleasant environment helpful to student success, and developing and enhancing their leadership qualities to support UAE national goals in science education.


What We Do?

We provide students with meaningful one-to-one support and other relevant academic advising resources to successfully manage their academic learning experience and achieve their academic goals. More specifically,

  • The center provides necessary guidance to students to recognize the purpose of their educational and learning experience at the University level.

  • Provide students with the best possible tools and resources to help them achieve their academic goals.

  • Communicate with students on how to make informed decisions, and undertake responsibility for their academic program and academic development.

  • Help students understand the role and expectations of the academic advisor, faculty advisors, Assistant Dean, Department Chairs as well as their responsibilities.

  • Familiarizes students with the majors, minors, curriculum plans, registration guidelines and policies.

  • Conduct advising workshop prior registration period to both students and faculty in the college to facilitate the advising process and acquaints students and faculty advisors with changes and suggested improvements.

  • The advising center on each campus keeps track of every single student by storing and managing students’ files and records.

  • The center serves as a meeting place for Faculty Advisors and students and Academic Advisor and students.

  • Promote college programs, and encourage faculty advisors to provide best possible personal or academic advisers about their senior projects, internship and career choices that enrich the student experience, enable them to make informed decisions that facilitate student smooth journey to graduation.

  • Encourage students to participate in their curricular and co-curricular related activities and events at Institutional and National level.

  • Evaluate academic appeals and make recommendations according to specific guidelines within the college.

  • Student representatives in each department meet biweekly with the ADs to discuss any concerns or complaints. Complaints are first passed through the representatives but could also be directly passed to ADs by the concerned student(s).